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Watch Morning Joe Highlights: June 23 | MSNBC

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Let's get into this moving backwards, rather than going forward, Republican concept for you.

Do you have what you mean trying to rewrite history? We write history, but also continue to lose, um.

And you talk about addition they like to do subtraction well, well that yeah, they love subtraction.


And another thing is and anybody that's run a successful political campaign will tell you this people want to talk about the future right? They don't want to talk about the past reason Donald, Trump, won't, win a general election is he's always talking about the past, not the future that's.

What has defined him over the past several years? And now you have the house again, just an absolute chaos.


And now what are they doing they're looking back they're trying to do something they can't do which is to un? On another gesture, an unimpeachment process, I, don't know, it's, crazy.

Do those Republicans Elise stefanik and Marjorie Taylor green introduced a pair of resolutions seeking to expunge the impeachment votes against former president Donald, Trump, stefanik's office set in a press release that it would be quote as if such articles of impeachment had never passed the Full House of representation, just your gestured.

All they do are gestures.

It's, totally unclear.

If such resolutions are even legally possible house practices offer no guidance I'm.


This is stupid I don't even read.

This is so stupid.

What has happened? This woman, we already know about Marjorie, Taylor green.

She came baked into the cake, but what the heck I mean, well, just aimless, but that's.

Okay, that's.


This is so stupid, I, I think, let's, instead, talk about again, their their bigger problem.

Peter, Baker gestures.

This is all they do.

They do gestures.

And we talked about it yesterday.

They do this.

And then they go out.

I mean, why would you do this? It makes no sense.

Doesn't, make any sense legislatively.

But if their only focus is raising money for themselves, which they can do the more the more freakish ideas.

They have the more freaks out there, send them 25.

Then this actually makes perfect sense for them.

Just not for the rest of the party.

Yeah, look.

You know, an era, divided government, a republican house, can't, actually, pass a whole lot that's going to go into law with a Democratic Senate, a democratic White House.

So you're left doing messaging, uh bills like this or messaging.

You know, efforts like this that are all about signaling to your base it's, a remarkable idea that you're going to try to expunge an impeachment.

Even if you thought the Ukraine one was kind of tendentious.

The second one is, uh would be absolving Donald.

Trump of what happened on January, 6., I can't.

Imagine that every Republican in the house is all that eager to do that do they really want to get that debate going again, maybe they do but that's a remarkable, uh situation for them.

Remember? Most Senators Republican Senators who voted to acquit him.

And he was acquitted.

Therefore, you don't really need an expungement, but he was acquitted.

And most Republican Senators said, they were only acquitted because by that point, he had left office, uh, not because they thought he wasn't guilty of it.

And so I think that this is putting a lot of Republicans who would just assume not revisit this, uh in a bad place if they actually come to a vote, and they may never get to a vote.

It may just be about putting their statement out, but that's, not where a lot of Republicans would like to be right now, put the statement out get the money from their contributors and John heilman, again, I mean, we've talked about it before.

And what you do, you hurt the 14, 15 16 Republicans, who are in Biden districts districts that Joe Biden won.

And somehow these Republicans also won, uh.

And in these swing districts, every one of these issues just makes people in the district, wait.

Why did we send a republican? Why are we letting we vote for a republican? We let Marjorie Taylor Green Run, the House of Representatives.

Why are we doing that? I mean, it it is crazy.

But this gesturing Peter said there and the majority with a very thin majority, yes, there is gesturing there.

But this is what the Republicans have been about even when they had the majority in in that house.

And the Senate remember the wall gonna build the wall gonna build the wall, they controlled everything.

And they did nothing.

In fact, Lindsey Graham and others said, building a wall is a really stupid idea.

Donald Trump said, he was going to balance the budget, and he was going to get rid of the federal debt, pay it down when they controlled the house and the Senate.

The biggest debt ever, uh, the biggest the biggest, uh budget ever I mean.

The spending was out of control again, it's all gestures.


I mean, look, this is a very high-minded conversation.

Joe that you're having and I I'd like to take us into the realm of uh of what the spectacle is on a slightly lower level.

I mean, look, this is a uh, the spectacle of two, far-right members of the Republican Party who you know, there's a lot of dysfunction in the Republican party.

And they've given a lot of ammunition Democrats, but you didn't expect to see the thing that was not on my bingo card was that you'd end up with, uh with uh, Lauren, bobert and Marsha, Taylor, green, acting like Lindsay, Lohan and Rachel McAdams back in the on in Mean Girls back in in the early 2004, you didn't expect to see one of them calling the other one a little on the house floor, you just didn't expect it, um I'm, not trying to just be provocative here, although I enjoy being talking about a Friday morning, but it's, you know, this the spectacle of dysfunction, normal voters, uh, who have problems in their lives are worried about their about their kids educations, their families, health care and their jobs and their wages.

And all that stuff they already had problems with the notion that these clowns were going to come in and try to impeach Joe Biden for no good reason that they were not focused on the real lives of real people in America.

But then to see the one part of the Republican party that supposedly hangs together on everything, the far right, Maga, caucus now, they're at each other's throats in public, behaving like children, not just children, but nasty, the jupitive children.

I, just, you know, I it.

This cannot be just the spectacle of it.

The the degree of dysfunction and Ridiculousness and immaturity and childishness and cattiness on display is just I mean, it's like the thing we're talking about before Joe with the indictment can't be good for you.

Neither can this because just self-evidently a side of a party that is incapable of governing.

So rev I, ask you, you know, oh, is this not I mean, there's, no direct way, although maybe who knows Democrats could be creative and maybe capitalize on the spectacle of one, uh member of the House calling the other a little on the house floor.

But what do you do with that as a Democrat? How do you take that and translate it into make it clear that this is actually a side of something Joe went One, Direction, I want another, but a sign of something deeper about today's, Republican party and get voters to vote on it.

I think.

The problem is that when we're looking at the whole, uh shift of where this country is being perceived globally.

I mean, we have the immediate past president under indictment state and federal.

And we have all of his contenders afraid to take him on.

We have people talk about impeaching, a president on policy, not saying anything that he's done ethical or criminal to impeach him, but on policy while at the same time, the Supreme Court were getting or now two members of the court that have had questionable conflicts, I mean, how are we looking to the world and to our children? And to top it off? You have two women in Congress are using the language that uh I will use on a Friday morning.

But you've used twice I may use it a third time before or before we're done I'm sure, but I I think that the end stability of where we are, uh is is gives the Democrats an opening to come through as the ones that will stabilize and bring sanity back to our politics.

I I gave all of that to say, if there is a lane, it is not the lane to outdo, uh, the those that have bizarre it's, a lane to say, wait a minute, let the grown-ups come in and take charge and stabilize the shaky ship.

Well anyway, I'll tell you what it is all gesturing Jonathan on the air and it's crazy.

Gesturing, yeah, you're talking about people talking about impeaching, uh, Joe, Biden over policy.

And then trying to unimpeach Donald Trump for starting a riot on January, the 6th, and you know, it's.

So fascinating I, keep pressing people on the phone on and off the phone.

You you look at what they say you look at the craziness online.

You look at the craziness on Twitter and everybody's talking about all of the crimes upon her body.

Now, I keep asking the question I, keep asking the question what's, the cranberry, oh, my God you're in the tank.

You don't understand I, go what's.

The crime give me the crime.

We'll criticize I had I had several people yesterday before uh, talking about Adam, Schiff, don't.

You never criticize Adam Chef.

You never attacked Adam, Schiff, uh and he's going to be censored now.

And you never say, I said, okay, well tell me tell me what Adam Schiff did and I'll criticize him.

Well, tell me what tell me what he did to deserve being censored because what Adam Schiff did in 2019 was running an investigation in 2019 that Marco Rubio.

And the Republican intelligence Committee in the United States Senate concluded was a grave cat threat.

A grave, counterintelligence threat to the United States of America.

So I, keep asking what's the crime on Biden.



We've talked about that Joe.

Biden himself has said, has he not? Yeah, it looks bad I don't like it right? I'm gonna keep asking what's the crime.

They don't have the crime.

All they do is gesture about it and scream and yell and throw their arms up in the air Biden crime, family, Jenny, Thomas, put them on a barge off of gitmo.

The Biden crime, family, right and then Adam Schiff, they're, wasting time with Adam Schiff yesterday, censuring Adam, Schiff.

And again, I keep asking what did he do that causes censure other than again, investigate aggressively, which he should have done what Marco Rubio and Republicans on the Senate intelligence committee said, was a grave counterintelligence threat to the United States.

Two simple, questions, I, still get no answers, because they have no answers, no answers and they're right now, trying to commence impeachment proceedings this President over the border at a moment where the numbers of the Border have actually at least for now gone down.

Uh, it is.

It is just a republican rage that they have stirred up their base for so many years here about the Biden quote, quote, Biden crime, family and the corrupt feelings trying to recycle The Playbook that worked against Hillary Clinton seeing if that could work again now.

And they've come up with nothing there's.

No there there and I think we're seeing this week, the spasms of frustration about the hunter Biden moment where he did plead guilty to a couple of tax crimes.

Another one on weapons possession, but that's, not at all what uh, you know, they had led their base to believe was coming and and and and right they're in gestures.

And and every time that Lauren bobert and Margaret, Taylor green speak publicly.

This was senior White House said to me yesterday, Joe Biden's approval rating goes up like that that is his chances of being reluctant go up.

And that is that's.

The contrast they've been trying to paint for a couple years now, we're the adults in the room we're focused on governing, you know, we're hosting the prime minister of India yesterday.

Look what they're doing this is a clown show, uh and that they're taking their orders, uh from from Donald Trump.

Yeah, no doubt about it jinsaki, uh, again.

The the chaos continues in the house, I, I, can't, help it.

But think at the end of the day all this is going to do is damage those house candidates and turn the house back over to Democrats well, exactly I mean.

And in some ways, the White House and the Democratic Congressional, Campaign, Committee don't have to do much aside from get out of the way because as Jonathan just referenced their entire message is competence versus chaos, uh.

And as we just heard a kind of the outline from John high limit about the back and forth fight between Lauren bobert and Marjorie, Taylor green, I mean, Lauren bobert responded and said, I'm, not in middle school it's like are you sure you're not in middle school because that's kind of how middle schoolers act? You know, and if you're the American public sitting at home you're thinking, what a waste of time, what a waste of my time that they are doing there? And that is exactly the contrast that the white house if you're sitting in the white house right now, my old colleagues there, if you're sitting in the Democratic Congressional, Campaign, Committee and you're, working with Democratic candidates, you're going to run on will do something we will fight for you public that is chaotic and crazy there.

And we will not be that Let Them Fight among themselves without a contrast, we're gonna fight actually for you.

Let them look to the Past we're going to look to your future.

I mean, you're, right, I mean, the the the the the campaign really it it.

It defines Itself by their idiocy.

Failed Arizona gubernatorial candidate.

Kerry Lake became ensnared in another lawsuit yesterday, Maricopa County, Recorder Stephen Reicher is suing Lake for defamation saying, he's lost friends and received death threats over her election lies despite losing several lawsuits for her false.

Election claims lake has publicly insisted that Riker and other Maricopa County State officials stole the election from her by counting hundreds of thousands of phony, ballots and meddling with how the ballots were printed by the way.

This is again, another example of gravity, returning we've been watching this for seven eight years, saying, how are all these people getting away with doing this? How are they getting away with the lying about elections? How are they getting away? Uh with with lying about what happened at Sandy Hook? How are they getting away with lying about voting machines? How are they getting away with lying about about people who are counting votes? How are they lying whether it's in Georgia or Arizona? And it ends up they're not getting away with it.

It ends up gravity is returning and people are paying for their misdeeds for putting other people's lives in danger, like this poor guy, yeah, who again, just like the ballot counters in Georgia were just trying to serve the country, no and I.

Remember when we ran into her, and she was so insistent that she won the election and no I don't remember that over.

And according to the Associated Press Riker is seeking monetary damages and always wants a quarter order to declare Lake statements false.

And in order to get Lake to remove her claims from social media sake.

This is a candidate who really kind of modeled herself after the Trump blueprint.

Yeah, just lies.

Lies lies just ran through it.

All with lies and get people to believe you, uh, with your charisma, that's right and and I, remember all of us talking about this probably a year ago and saying things like and I probably said, this she's, a pretty effective Communicator.

She was connecting with people.

She was charismatic.

But as Joe just said, it's, all coming back down.

Gravity is pulling this all back down to planet Earth here.

Because what it is showing is that even the best snake oil salesmen or women out, there can be held accountable by voters by the law by the basic values of the country and I I feel like there was a little bit of uncertainty about where the public was going to be on that before the midterm elections.

And the midterm elections were in my view, a kind of a turning point where we saw people stand up for democracy and stand up for the values of the country.

But Kerry lake is in such a different place.

June of 2023.

Then I think many people anticipated.

She would be in June of 2022.

And that is a good thing for the country.

Yeah, you know, um Gene.

This is what I don't understand the tragedy of it all and I know of what I speak I I served, you know, I was the first Republican elected in my district since reconstruction elected easily and I kind of know what Republican electorate.

And what what other people want you take somebody like Kerry Lake in Arizona Carrie like didn't have to go the direction.

She went because she was charismatic because she had those skills if she had done the name if she'd been a mainstream Republican, she could have struck out at liberals at high taxes at high regulation.

She could have been a champion of small business owners of entrepreneurs.

She could have been a champion of parents.

She could have criticized schools for being shut down too long during Cove.

And she could uh struck out against some of these things to Sanderson striking out against she would have gotten elected governor.

She would have stayed there for a very long time.

I remember looking at, um, the guy who lost in North Carolina cawthorne, who just would say the craziest things and I looked at his district one time.

And all he had to say is less taxes, less spending more freedom.

And he would have been in that seat forever.

I don't understand they go to extremes and politically.

They blow themselves up and Carrie likes a perfect example of that again, because an extraordinarily talented Communicator everybody that went out and followed on the campaign, whether it was Jen, whether it was Jen, Paul, Mary, John Hyland.

They all came back and said, she is really good communicating to people.

She works hard.

She goes everywhere.

I, don't, I, don't, get her either because as you said, she's, very, talented, she's, uh, you know, it's, just as as a politician, she has the the talent she has the Charisma, um and I really don't get her persistence in this right? So she so she ran as super Maga, and you know, joined at the hip with Trump.

And so she lost, but she persists.

She keeps she keeps at it as if um beating her head against that wall is somehow gonna gonna change things and all it's gonna do is hurt her more, um.

So I think she is foreclosing a political future for herself, uh that she might have had and somewhat order she should have had him.

She ought to be a good candidate for that state.

She really really should be the status is changing, but it would still elect a mainstream Republican.

And and as you said, Governor as long as she wanted, but uh, but I think it just ain't happening now, it's not happening for her.

She goes further and further away from reality when and the message I'm trying to send to anybody who may be watching here is Carrie like two roads, divided, right, Carrie like could have after she lost the governor's race, I don't, like it I'm I'm upset about it there's.

Some things that really bothered me, you know what I'm going to I'm going to concede I I wish, my opponent the best of luck.

I love Arizona that much and I'm here to help her any way I can she steps off the stage.

And at that moment, she begins running for the United States Senate, a race that's coming up this year.

Man can she would have been man.

She would have been the favorite Far and Away the favorite, but she shouldn't have to get right with like the McCain people who she insulted.

And the other people she said, I'll, say it, again, anybody who's listening.

This is a game of addition it's, not a game of subtraction that worked for Donald Trump on one fall day in 2016.

it's, never going to work.


One fall day.

Stop emulating him.

Why don't you emulate somebody like I, don't know, Ronald Reagan.

He won.

He won 49 states.

I don't know about you, but I don't want to be up all night seeing whether I won or lost I've, never done it before I like knowing by eight o'clock that it's a landslide.

You should too, yeah.

And stop the nonsense play big play.

The long game be pro-democracy, just a thought while much of the attention this month has been around Donald, Trump's indictment.

And the classified documents case there are also new developments in special counsel, Jack Smith's investigation into the former president for his alleged efforts to overturn the 2020 election results.

Yesterday, a high-ranking 2020.

Trump 2020, campaign official testified before a Federal grand jury in the probe former deputy director of election day operations for the Trump campaign.

Gary Michael Brown was seen entering a Washington D.C courthouse where a grand jury has been hearing testimony about efforts to stop the peaceful transition of power to President Joe Biden last year, the house subcommittee investigating the attack subpoenaed Brown after finding quote, credible evidence that he played a key role in the so-called fake elector scheme that evidence included this text message where Brown allegedly bragged about being the one to hand, deliver the alternate slate to Congress, both Brown and the special counselor's office declined to comment on the appearance.

Yesterday, I would ask John Meacham to put this into historical perspective.

But there is no historical perspective.

When you have a president who's actually been indicted for hush money, payoffs, you've got a president who's been indicted for stealing nuclear secrets.

You have a presence being indicted for stealing secrets on invading Iran.

You've got a president indicted for stealing other military secrets and highly classified documents.

You have a president invited for obstruction of justice.

And now you have a president.

We were talking about Supreme Court, I mean, the Supreme Court who again, uh, out of control running rough shot over the will of the overwhelming majority of Americans.

And now we have this president again unprecedented.

But here we are moving towards I.

Believe I think the most serious charges.

And the one that I think historians are going to be grappling with long after we are all gone.

That is a president charged with conspiracy to commit sedition against the United States of America.

Yeah, you know and it's you're, right historians will be wrestling with it.

And as as we all do all the time I think citizens have to wrestle with it.

Now, right, this is it's it's so Central, uh and I I, just really believe that we have a pretty clear choice in this political season.

We can choose a constitutionalist a party, uh, that has been pretty faithful to the Constitution, uh, which is the party of the incumbent president, or we can favor a party that has been shockingly, but persistently, supportive of a insurrectionist or a seditionist and that's, not a sentence.

We would have said about Eisenhower and Stevenson, right? We had that that was not it that was not something that that a lot of people grew up with, but it's, pretty vital.

And you get that's.

The question does is any policy so important that you would want to favor someone that you think is a vehicle for that policy, even if they don't and have self-evidently tried to trash the Constitution of the United States, and we could go on, but that's really kind of it.

You know, it's pretty basic.

Do you want a constitutionalist or do you want an insurrectionist and you, you know, then we get into the butt butt, but taxes and judges.

If we don't have a constitution, taxes and judges, aren't going to matter at all that that that that's where we are remarkably right now.

And again, we could we could go on, but I think I think it's a fundamental question and I, don't, it's people often say, you know, it's, simple, it's, not simple.

But it is straightforward that's, the choice before the country, you know, it's so fascinating you should have people come up to and go.

You know, you you used to be a conservative in there, are you a liberal all the time and and I and I? Go I say, well, what would you like to talk about? And we finished talking about my issues ago? You're, pretty conservative I.





You need to frame this correctly and I'm dead serious about this people who support democracy, constitutional democracy versus people who are anti-democracy who are against constitutional informs who are willing to throw constitutional Norms out the window for Donald Trump, who are willing to just turn a blind eye to January 6th Insurrection because of Donald Trump who were willing to say right now as Speaker of the House that is okay that Donald Trump stole nuclear secrets.

I mean, this is democracy versus anti-democracy I've got to say, one of the things that really has surprised me over the past.

Several years.

I've I've been I've been bitterly disappointed by friends, who were fellow conservatives who've completely crumbled and are now part of the anti-democracy forces.

And they are.

You can judge them.

You know, not just by their words, but more importantly, judge them by their deeds judge them if they want to hold Donald Trump accountable.

Now when Donald Trump you take Lindsey Graham I came in in 1994, with Lindsey Graham I, always considered Lindsay to be a friend of mine.

You know, Lindsey Graham.

He supported Donald Trump through Donald Trump saying, he wanted his attorney general to arrest, Joe Biden and Joe, Biden's family, two weeks before the election supported him through all of that supported him through the first impeachment where he held up money and and defensive weapons to Ukraine trying to get dirt on a political opponent right? And then on January, the 6th January, the 7th, he opposed him.

And then he was chased down a national airport by three people and a hound dog.

And suddenly he went back to supporting the anti-democracy candidate it's more than that.

There were other, no no he's, selling Donald, Trump, he's, scared for them.

No it's, not always more listen.

Everybody always says, it's more than that it's, not it's, not more than that.

They're, not scared of Donald, Trump, they're, scared of their base, they're scared to be leaders, they're scared to stand up in a town hall meeting and tell people something that people may not want to hear keep their head down and continue telling them that they'll be surprised if they do that what happens, but they never take that chance because they're such cowards one year tomorrow, uh since Dobbs, the Dobbs decision, uh, was was released, uh.

The Supreme Court says, as as uh John as the Johns were talking, uh, John, Meacham and and Jonathan omir were talking about earlier and way, too early.

Uh, approval for the Supreme Court has plummeted to its lowest point ever.

Uh, disapproval has skyrocketed to its highest point ever only 36 percent of Americans supported the decision.

61 opposed it.

And if you're sitting there going, oh, my God who could have ever seen this coming.

Well, anybody that had actually been looking at polls over the past 20, 30 years right now that that hardly ever and I'm serious? It is we've heard about overturning row, overturning row, there's always been only about one-third of Americans that have supported the overturning of Roe.

This has happened it's that horrific consequences for women for their health.

We hear one horror story after another I will say though this is a political program for the most part.

We try to tell people what's coming the politics, though, um, just a political earthquake in a way I think very few could have imagined just the scale that that the Tremors would be felt, uh, all the way to Wisconsin Kentucky Kansas and in deep red, States, that's, exactly right Joe.

And if you look at the recent, uh polling from the NBC poll, you have 80 percent of women between the ages of 18 and 49 who who oppose the overturning of Roe.

You have 60 percent of Independence.

You have 30 about one-third of Republicans.

Those are earth-shattering numbers.

And in many ways, well, as you said for a long time, there has been greater support for keeping abortion access in place than than getting rid of it.

This has awakened women men and women Independents people of all political stripes across the country.

We saw that in the midterm elections.

And it looks to be that that enthusiasm that anger that passion has not subsided as we're seeing these.

Uh fights happen state to state.

So as we mark one year, tomorrow, it's, just a reminder of kind of how the political electorate has also been awakened by not wanting their rights to be taken away.

Yeah and they're, right? So let's, let's focus on that, because I think while, uh, the concept on the far right might be.


We have prevented the right to an abortion.

What they've really done is overturned, 50 years of women's health and anybody whether they're a Republican or a Democrat, whether they're a Christian, uh, whatever they call themselves and whatever they base their values around.

Anyone who has had a baby or knows someone who has gone through a pregnancy knows this isn't.

Just about abortion.

This is about women's health.

And the right to Health Care has been taken away for women across the country and we're seeing it in real time.


And and you know, the thing is it's, not John heilman it's, not just that a 50-year ride has been taken away it's.

What Republicans have done with this moment.

They've taken a situation that would have been, uh dangerous for them politically.

And they've made it exponentially worse with radical viewpoints that cause 10 year old girls who have been raped to flee, their State, uh, candidates, in Michigan who end up losing in a landslide saying that a 14 year old girl being raped by her uncle is a perfect reason to have laws that would have the state compel her to have a forced birth.

And you can go down the line time it again.

They've made one egregious decision after another.

You could look at Wisconsin keeping in place, a total ban from 1849.

I mean, let's be very clear here, the the the majority of Americans support, an abortion ban at 15 16 17 weeks.

If you look at the polling, they want abortion laws much like you see in Europe and France and in other European countries.

But right now, the Democrats Democrats are getting free reign on this issue to point to the extremism of the Republicans and not have to answer many questions themselves, because the Republicans support such extreme bans and it's it.

As we said before, it's, crushing them into Wisconsin, judicial races, it's, crushing them in Kansas, it's, crushing them in Kentucky in a lot of red States, right? You know, Joe it's like the the thing that was so it's been so hard to get a lot of people on the right to understand, and that will still make people scream.

When you say it is that the regime under Roe v, Wade, the system that it installed was a was a was a compromise.

It was.

It was not a A system that allowed for abortion on demand.

Uh, at any point in their pregnancy.

They allowed for laws that restricted abortion in various ways.

The trimester system that Harry Blackman created in that in that ruling was itself a political compromise.

It said, we're, not going to have a more.

We can restrict abortions into a limited degree in that third trimester, uh, you know.

And then it also meant that you, you would not have a full overturning of them where you could an outlaw abortion.

So it's like that was a that itself was a compromise.

And the right for political reasons you have to kind of reinterpreted that argued in a different way and said that Roe v, Wade was somehow had a loud abortion on demand.

It never did.

And and so that would have been a stable political compromise built on top of a supreme court precedent that granted, a certain right that was taken down by this decision, and then Republicans had a choice because what the ruling did was it threw this back into the political Arena and I would say, you know, a a Savvy political operator, uh, looking down from on Highway and said to Republicans, hey, guys, go slow here.

This has never happened before a fundamental right has never been taken away before the history of the court.

And there was a stable compromise that was in place for 50 years.

If you mess around with this and try to claim ultimate Victory and Grave, all grab all the ground, you can and have a power, grab there's going to be a backlash.

And it was predictable in that sense, you couldn't predict how much energy it would unleash on the part of women who were standing up for their health and their rights, but you could you could have predicted the backlash and Republicans did exactly the dumbest thing.

They could possibly have done in a lot of these states, which was Joe all the things you cited do things that would be easy to campaign against because they were so outrageously, radical and that's.

Why you look at polling even now I discount polling I, don't care who it's positive for or negative for I discount polling just like we discounted polling before the 22 election, everybody was talking about a red wave and abortion was only being cited by five percent of the electorate as being important to them.

We didn't believe it at the time.


And everybody around this table were well.

We were right and it's the same thing.

Now there may be people that have problems with this issue or that issue with Joe Biden or the Democrats as we get closer and closer to the elections it's going to become more in focus and all the things that everybody from The Wall, Street, Journal editorial page to Ann Coulter have warned Republicans about that.

They've got to get smart on abortion are also going to keep losing elections.

Well, they they aren't getting smart on abortion.

And the bad things I've got to say and I'm going to talk to John Meacham later about this, the the United States Supreme Court in a political crisis.

Unlike any political crisis, it's been in at least in my lifetime, even after the 2000, recount their approval ratings recovered very quickly after that and were respected and trusted again.

But you look at just how rigged the process has been and I don't want to go through all the things that happened in the United States Senate with Merrick Garland and others.

You look at the billions of dollars that people are pouring in now to influence this.

You you you look at the will of the people like 65, 70 percent of Americans being ignored and overturning a 50-year precedent.

Unfortunately, they have destroyed the credibility of the Court, the far right has.

And and and my prediction is at it's coming.

There is going to be reform, uh in the judicial branch and I don't know what that reform looks like, but I think it's going to start with the United States, Supreme Court because their approval rating is going to just keep going down as it gets more and more politicized and let's face.

It bought off by an element that has billions of dollars and are using billions of dollars to buy off the Supreme Court fights.

And at the same time with the Supreme Court right now that that that's just running roughshod over the ethics, uh, just basic ethical considerations.

So again, they're doing this to themselves.

And when there's reform, and when people talk about a new Supreme Court, uh that that's going to be less political and more representative of the country.

They can scream and yell all they want it's going to be their faults.

It won't be Court backing.

Yeah, it's, not going to be FDR Court packing.

This is going to be I predict a bipartisan group of people that are going to have to come together and say, how do we reform this court and take the vicious politics and the billions and billions of dollars that the Federalist Society has there's it to twist and distort this process again, Everybody's Free to do what they want to do I had.

But the extremism.

Well, they've been victims of they would say their own success and they're going to pay for it I think, politically because any advances they've made are going to be undermined by reforms needed to take politics out of the process.

Women's lives are on the line.

Now I ask Republicans, if you would want to be denied care for a miscarriage or forced to continue with a non-viable, pregnancy, a dead baby growing in your belly.

What if you were Deborah dorbert of Florida or she's, one of your loved ones? Your sister, your wife, the young mother's baby was diagnosed with a fatal.

Fetal abnormality.

Would you force her to carry the Hopeless high-risk pregnancy to term and then tell her to watch her baby, struggle and die.

Because that happened because of the state that now has a six-week ban on March 3rd, her son, Milo died in her arms.

Shortly after he was born just as doctors predicted.

She told media Outlets, he gasped for air a couple of times I watched.

My child, take his first breath and I held him as he took his last.

What if Samantha Casiano of Texas was your daughter, your sister or your wife, or even you, if you can imagine 20 weeks into Samantha's pregnancy, she was told by doctors that only part of her baby's brain and skull were forming.

And the fetus would not survive long after childbirth.

Would you be so cruel as to tell her that she would have to go on with her pregnancy, five months of pregnancy, knowing her baby would die.

She ended up spending the remainder of her pregnancy raising money for the inevitable funeral.

Her baby Halo lived for just four hours.

You know when um women are in this situation when they're forced to carry fetal abnormalities to term, they often can't have children again, a termination, in many cases, preserves a woman's ability to Bear a child again.

So let me get this straight.

You support sterilization of women by denying them, the health care.

They need how depraved are you and I just want to ask Republicans.

What if you were Christina zilke, who was in Ohio when she started to miscarry? Because of that State's six-week abortion band, the ER wouldn't treat her miscarriage.

Can you imagine being told by the hospital that it needed proof that there was no fetal development? Can you imagine in real time that as you are miscarrying, you're, bleeding you're in pain, you're scared.

Can you imagine being told to leave the ER the very place that you go to get help to get health care? Imagine Bleeding Out, bleeding profusely and you're told to get out.

And then later the blood is running down your legs all down your legs to your shoes.

What would you be saying to yourself about abortion? If this was happening to you to your body Christina by the way was only given a procedure to help her when it was deemed by the hospital that her life was in danger and her family recounted watching her almost die this and much more is happening right now in real time to women across the country.

These are real stories, horror, stories that Republicans have inflicted on women across the country because of their and Antiquated unrealistic, highly judgmental and ill-informed view of what it means to have the right to an abortion I have a message to women and to men out there who love them.

We cannot wait for things to change.

We can't, wait for someone to do this for us as these people.

These Republicans take us back 50 years and Beyond call them out call their offices.

Email them find candidates to run support those candidates, you know what dammit run for office yourself.

And for God's sake, vote them out.

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