V-Shaped, C-Shaped, & U-Shaped House Plans & Designs (2024)

House plans come in many different shapes and forms, including letters of the alphabet like the U-shaped. The V-shaped house plans can also be found across the country. The L-shape and the H-shape are also common “rare” house plans.

Some people want to make a grand impression or have a luxurious house. The U-shaped house plans are a great option for that. They allow the house to be wrapped around a driveway going all the way up to the main entrance in the middle.

Whether you choose a blueprint in a particular shape or not, there are various features you can consider. Check the ones listed below.

Features to consider
4 bedroomTowershed
2 bedroomStiltsTiny, with loft
3-storySmall, with garageTiny
V-Shaped, C-Shaped, & U-Shaped House Plans & Designs (1)

Do you have kids and want to keep them on the opposite side of the house because they make a lot of noise? Then this type of style could be for you, where you could have them each have a bedroom in one of the arms of the house.

Others may choose this style as it has the great ability to wrap around a pool without needing a specific pool house. It is a remarkable style that will ensure you get the distinctive look you always wanted.

They come in single-level options or pools in the middle, but they will have a ranch feel more often than not. You could also get it where you have a courtyard in the middle.

These styles are often superb with their finishes. It is not uncommon to find expansive windows with massive sliding doors that let in heaps of natural light. This remarkable shape gives you many possibilities simply not available for other types, like those intended for narrow lots.

Who is the floor plan for?

  • This design is great for bigger families or ones with several generations living together.
  • A family that embraces the outdoor area and want a spacious design
  • If you love separation between living spaces and the common area
  • Someone who wants to host parties
  • If you like modern designs

V-Shaped, C-Shaped, & U-Shaped House Plans & Designs (2)

While our plans provide the framework for the home, there are so many options for creating just the option that fits your taste. We are not saying that you should necessarily choose any of the finishes we recommend. We want you to get exactly the space that matches your biggest wishes and desires. It means you’ll get one with all the finishes that allow you to have the lifestyle you deserve.

We see that some trends seem to carry through with many people who choose the U-shaped options. The desire to have great open floor plans will make your entire family feel more connected.

U-shaped house plansCharacteristics
Mistakes to avoid

Underestimating the budget needed

Typical sizes

2,100 – 3,500 square feet

Features we love

A pool in the middle

Alternative style, we recommendMansions

We’re also seeing a preference for big, modern finishes that create the perfect setting for making an entertainer’s heaven. You may already have the framework that provides a great option to install a majestic pool. Why not go that one step further? Go for the kitchen that will allow you to show off your cooking skills, assuming that you like cooking? Choosing a well-equipped design to entertain the lifestyle you want is the first step in getting that dream space. With it, you’re sure you will be your little piece of heaven for years to come.
V-Shaped, C-Shaped, & U-Shaped House Plans & Designs (3)

The usual thing is to have the U point towards the front or the back. There is also the option to have it point to the side and rather have the courtyard there instead of the usual front. Many homes suffer from the usual traits of feeling very secluded when doing a function like cooking. They will traditionally avoid that by having the kitchen and entertainment area in the middle of everything. It includes a large dining area. It ensures that no one has to walk a long distance with those edible art pieces you put passion into creating.

It doesn’t matter whether you want to use one of the wings as an isolated part of the house for your own office or if you’re using it as a gym.

This shape is meant for people who embrace that modern lifestyle. The various design elements we keep seeing often include many bright colors high-end finishes. We often encourage “a lot” of minimalist ideas. There’s no need to clutter everything and block the natural sunlight your home gives you.

We see an inherent trend towards a clutter-free space. We’re also seeing that many owners opt to choose responsibly sourced materials for their various finishes. It can include everything from bamboo to reclaimed wood. It is by no means a prerequisite for such a type of living. These homes tend to appeal to a certain environmentally-conscious group of people if that’s what you’re after. You may want those high-end finishes (which we can’t blame you for – we love them too!). There are instances such as flooring and tile. You can still get a luxurious and modern lifestyle with consideration for sustainability.

Benefits of U-shaped house plans:

  • It creates a secluded and safe outdoor area.
  • It creates a great play between the inside and outside.
  • It has great curb appeal.

V-Shaped, C-Shaped, & U-Shaped House Plans & Designs (4)

V-Shaped Options

If you’re in the market for something unique, you may want to consider the V-shaped house plans more closely. They provide great opportunities for making an exceptional greeting area. Depending on your preferences, it is done either with a courtyard or a landscaped area in the middle. It’s the same way both H-shapedandU-shaped designs utilize it.

This style does warrant its popularity. When building families, the style is nowhere near as popular as some other contenders. It’s even if they offer both the options for an open concept or single-story or multistory adventures.

If you do not see the V-shaped house you were hoping for, we encourage you to reach out to our customer support. They can help you see if there is anything we can do to make sure you can hopefully get the design you want. The V-shape is very distinct. A much more common variation is the angled-garage alternative, which we also offer on this site.

Drawbacks of U-shaped house plans:

  • It’s not the cheapest design to build.
  • It doesn’t work with a small lot.
  • The intriguing design can create interesting furnishing considerations.

A Design With a Pool in The Middle

Whether you choose one style or the other, owners love how the house plans come in either a V-shape or a U-shape. They allow you to have a pool in the middle, wrapped by the rest of the house. This is one of the principal reasons why people are so fond of these two styles to start with.

What’s better than being able to dip in a pool after a long day at work and making some food outside while you’re at it? You know that they will not just love the pool on a warm summer day if you have kids. Your house may end up being the place where they and all their friends hang out after school.

It is a great place to gather with the many things offered. It is also an excellent type of exercise and maybe a more sustainable way of getting the exercise in than going to a gym. It all starts with you choosing the right design!

U-shaped house plansCharacteristics
Ease of accessNo
Are fireplaces typical?Sometimes
Is it good for natural light?Yes
Are garages commonNot always
Typical ceiling height9 – 15 feet
Typical number of bedrooms and bathrooms4 & 2

It’s not a great design for a small lot

Is it a good budget option?No
Is it easy to modify?

No. It requires a lot of movement back and forth.

Features to include in a U-shaped house plan:

  • A great outdoor area to hang out.
  • Sliding doors to let in lots of light
  • Open-concept living
  • Smart storage options

Plans With a Central Courtyard in the Middle & Outdoor spaces

Besides a pool, U-shaped and V-shaped homes also offer a great possibility for putting a majestic courtyard in the middle of everything. It is great to leave a major impression on the people coming to meet you. If you find an option on the site that you like, you can always turn it 90 degrees. That way, it creates a C-shape instead of a U-shape. You can have either a pool or courtyard on the side of the home, depending on how you are turning the plans.
V-Shaped, C-Shaped, & U-Shaped House Plans & Designs (5)

Ranch-style, single-level 2 bedroom

Many users like these homes in a very modern style. There are others that like that traditional, single-level ranch-style to them. That’s why we are actively making sure to onboard designers and architects that are willing to accommodate those wishes, too. You’ll be able to find many different options, although currently not that many plans in that style.

Many of the options in these categories cater to people building these types build their dream homes. It means there are usually a couple of extra bedrooms for guests. If you want something smaller, you can also set the settings so that we’re only showing you U-shaped ones with 2 bedrooms.

Mistakes to avoid when building a U-shaped house:

  • Ignoring the possibilities with outdoor spaces.
  • Not thinking about privacy.
  • Not thinking about built-in storage of various kinds

C-shaped or “horseshoe.”

Other names commonly used for this style include “C-shape” or horseshoe. The former will usually have the entrance at the center of one wing rather than have it entirely in the middle of the entire house. With the common U-shape, having the entrance in the middle is common.

You may be thinking that the house needs to be turned one specific way. Remember that you are free to turn the house on your plot of land so that it might go from a U to an upside U instead. That may be what works better for what you are trying to achieve!


The modern U-shaped house plan may not be for everyone. It is popular among those who visit this specific category. You will find that these are also the most common homes that we are focusing on getting more of. It is to be better able to accommodate our users’ wishes. Even if you have specific features you want, these can be added later.

Perhaps you want a central pool or a welcoming courtyard. All of these customizations are possible to have done with relative ease.

U-shaped and V-shaped homes have a lot to offer. As you’re getting ready to build, you will want to make sure you have taken everything into account. It includes the factors outlined below if those are important to you.

Special factors to consider
Under 100k to buildCoastalWith in-law suite
LakehouseMulti-familyWith a view
V-Shaped, C-Shaped, & U-Shaped House Plans & Designs (6)

Garage or not?

Whether you want your new dream home to have a garage is a matter of personal preference. You could find that it sticks out like a sore thumb and ruins the symmetry of your place. It might also be that you appreciate the function so much that you are willing to forego the potential for perfect symmetry.

If you have several cars, consider whether you want a single garage or looking for something where everyone can park inside. It’s a talk you would rather want to have with your significant other now rather than at a later point. Otherwise, you will have to have alterations made later on. At that point, you might already have started the construction.

The options for your U-shaped wonder are many, including the style to go with. Here are a couple of options for you to get inspired by.

Styles to consider

Single-story or 2-story?

There is a time and place when you may want a single-story home. Other times a 2-story U-shaped beauty may be a better option. You may want to be sure you think about one more thing in the process. It may be easier to get 5 through 7 bedrooms if you’re building a taller house. However, they may not be great for aging couples where accessibility also becomes important.

Open concept or ranch & craftsman feel?

We mentioned that many of our users in this specific category seem to be the more modern options. The open concept is extremely popular, but there are also other options. Across the board, many users like that more traditional ranch or craftsman. It gives a great feel that many people love having.

Small and simple or large, contemporary mansion?

Besides the various styles you may consider, it is also important to figure out what size you are looking for. Do you want something more so on the smaller size, perhaps 1,800 to 2,000 square feet? It is about the size of an average-sized home. For U-shaped homes, it does tend to be smaller in size.

Would you rather have one on the bigger side for this category? Perhaps you want something in the range of 2,800 to 3,000 square feet. We do have a lot of different options that fall in the size category of mansions as well.
V-Shaped, C-Shaped, & U-Shaped House Plans & Designs (7)

3 to 5 bedrooms?

Our most popular options in this category include either 3 through 5 bedrooms. Just because you are building your dream may not necessarily mean that you are looking to build something big. Having a high number of bedrooms may mean a lot of space won’t be used.

Suppose you are building that beautiful mountain retreat with an attached pool. Do you intend to use it as a getaway place for your friends and family? In that case, all you may need is 3 bedrooms. If you are planning on bringing more people together, 5 may be the magical number.

Get a unique floor plan.

We realize that many people may want a truly unique floor plan. That is also something we can help you make happen. Some of our users choose to go off our existing offerings on the site and then have our architects modify them. This way, they get something that exactly fits various families’ unique desires. Get in touch with us today if you want to make your floor plan unique.

Insights, advice, suggestions, feedback and comments from experts

Based on the information provided, it seems that the article is discussing different types of house plans, specifically focusing on U-shaped and V-shaped designs. The article mentions that U-shaped house plans are a popular choice for those who want to make a grand impression or have a luxurious house. These plans allow the house to be wrapped around a driveway leading up to the main entrance in the middle. They are also suitable for families who want to keep noisy children on the opposite side of the house, as each arm of the U-shape can accommodate separate bedrooms for the kids. Additionally, U-shaped house plans are well-suited for wrapping around a pool without the need for a separate pool house.

The article also mentions that U-shaped house plans often feature expansive windows and sliding doors that let in plenty of natural light. They offer a range of possibilities not available in other types of house plans, particularly those designed for narrow lots. U-shaped house plans are suitable for bigger families or those with multiple generations living together. They are also ideal for families who embrace outdoor living spaces, desire separation between living spaces and common areas, enjoy hosting parties, or prefer modern designs.

The article further discusses the benefits and drawbacks of U-shaped house plans. Some benefits include creating a secluded and safe outdoor area, facilitating a great play between the inside and outside, and having great curb appeal. However, U-shaped house plans may not be the cheapest design to build and may not work well with small lots. They also require careful consideration of furnishing and built-in storage options.

In addition to U-shaped house plans, the article briefly mentions V-shaped house plans. These plans offer unique opportunities for creating exceptional greeting areas, either with a courtyard or a landscaped area in the middle. The article suggests reaching out to customer support if the desired V-shaped house plan is not available on the site.

Overall, the article emphasizes the flexibility and customization options available with U-shaped and V-shaped house plans. It encourages users to consider their specific needs and preferences when selecting a floor plan and to explore various styles, sizes, and features to create their dream home.

V-Shaped, C-Shaped, & U-Shaped House Plans & Designs (2024)
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