Trends in the construction of luxury homes in 2022 (2024)

The construction sector has continued to evolve in recent years in order to adapt to new economic, social and environmental needs. This transformation process is a response to the growing trend towards urban living, which in turn means that luxury homes are becoming more and more common.

Luxury homes tend to be designed with the aim of providing convenience, functionality and comfort to their owners, so designs with a markedly rustic and natural aesthetic are the most popular. High ceilings, open spaces and large windows are used in order to take advantage of natural light, and the colours chosen for the decoration tend to be neutral tones that provide elegance.

Another trend in luxury homes are decorative elements such as plants, which contribute to a relaxing atmosphere, providing a closer visual contact with nature. At the same time, in luxury homes special attention is paid to orientation, ensuring the maximum possible number of hours of outdoor light and natural warmth.

Materials for the construction of luxury homes

New techniques are based on environmental efficiency and sustainable construction, so the trend in luxury building materials is towards the use of natural raw materials such as stone, wood and glass, while keeping aesthetics and design in mind. Non-organic materials such as steel are also used, as their fusion with noble materials helps to achieve very clean lines, as well as pure and unique spaces.

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Wood is essential both in interiors and exteriors to create cosy spaces. It can be used in furniture, floors, walls or ornaments, and there is a wide variety of options to choose from. If properly maintained, hardwoods will appreciate in value over time, as they are extraordinary materials.

Natural stone is also an indispensable material for the construction and decoration of luxury homes, as it adds a very elegant touch. There are different types to choose from depending on whether you want to achieve rustic, elegant or even modern spaces. Natural stone is widely used in fireplaces, countertops, bathtubs, columns or exterior stairs, as it is very resistant.

Stainless steel has also become an essential material in luxury homes due to its strength and elegance. With the use of steel, clean and avant-garde lines are achieved. In addition, it can be used both inside and outside the home. It is ideal for doors, lamps, tables, furniture and decorative elements.

With regard to façades, the trend is towards eye-catching designs. For this purpose, various materials are used, such as plaster, porcelain stoneware in different types, ceramics in a wide range of colours and surfaces, natural stone and glass. For example, some of the luxury elements that can be found on the exterior façades are wrought iron door handles, which give a very elegant look as well as long-lasting security; glass doors and windows to give that modern, open-plan look, or porcelain tiles.

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Smart homes, the latest technology for your home

Trends in luxury homes are also geared towards integrating smart technology into the living space through the use of systems capable of automating homes. These systems, referred to as home automation, are integrated through indoor and outdoor communication networks. Through them, energy, lighting, security and other elements can be managed in order to make homes safer and more comfortable. The latest technology is increasingly present in our lives. The real estate market has not lagged behind and has incorporated home automation in luxury homes. Some examples:

  • Smart light bulbs and switches.
  • Large household appliances.
  • Smart air-conditioning and heating.
  • Motion sensors.
  • Surveillance systems and cameras.
  • Virtual voice assistants.
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More natural light and green spaces

Good lighting is an essential element in luxury homes. It should therefore have a good orientation to make the most of all the hours of natural light, as well as large windows that allow it to come in. Walls inside luxury homes are usually painted in white or neutral colours. These tones create a greater sense of spaciousness, luminosity and openness to the outdoors. Interior elements are also used to make better use of artificial light, such as sophisticated lamps made of metal or glass.

Another important element of luxury homes are plants and green spaces. These create a sense of tranquillity and contact with nature, and also improve air quality.

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Owning a luxury home is a dream, and even more so if it is close to the sea. If you are looking for a luxury home where you can enjoy the good weather, at Sonneil we have a wide range of properties on the coast. We look forward to seeing you!


Trends in the construction of luxury homes in 2022 (2024)
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