South Park: Randy Marsh Funniest Moments Part 14.2 (2023)


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What the people from the DNA test called they're on their way over you want to come down I'm doing something you sure these results could be really interesting.

Oh, God.

Damn it.

What the hell do you want? I want you to stop running from yourself? We could be so happy crap.

It's there.

But you you all work them out, leave me alone, you're stuck in another time afraid to change, no matter how necessary that change may be.

You don't know, everything why are you so close-minded? Don't, you see that these walls have to be broken down before any progress can be made it's cause I.


Do it all right? I.


Take out the wall between my living room and my kitchen it's, a load-bearing wall, hey, what's up, Bros, what's up.

Bros chip.

Do you see all the chaos? You've caused yeah.

So I'm, a witch, hey, you understand everyone Associates us with you right? Of course, they do you're all witches, too dudes, not like you, why'd you do it to children they're all in here, you see I'm going to use their souls to increase my power you.

You got your period.

S, you just got your period this morning.


So the past few days, maybe you have been just a little, no, no, nothing don't.

You guys see I, see, I want you to be angry every day we hear about another school shooting it used to be a big deal.

I, don't have any feelings for you.

Do you understand but Randy? What about the no no buts there's.

Nothing here I'm, not in love with you got it? Yes, yes.

I understand good now, leave? Hi.


You guys have my results.

Well, Mr Marsh.

We came because there was an irregularity with your test what you found something there you didn't expect to find what is it? Well, it's just a little too odd.

We need to do the test again, foreign I, tried years ago.

But before the remodel, they told me, if I took out this wall, the entire Second Story would just collapse.

Jesus, Daryl, I'm, I'm, sorry.

So you see what I'm afraid of is very real Chip.

If we had known, you were gonna hurt people.

We would have never even hung out.

Give me a break Randy.

No seriously, like if one of you guys had the power I have you wouldn't use it? No we wouldn't.

Excuse me chip what the [ __ ] are you doing? Oh, hey.

Man, you're, ruining the party for everyone chip I'm here to take you out, I grow more powerful.

Every moment you want to see real power all right.

Take the shot one to be sad Sharon.

If you wanted to make me sad, congratulations did a great job.

Yeah, let's.

Go somewhere without so much.

Negativity, oh guys that she didn't mean it.

She just could give her a do it again.

That's, not fair, Mr, Marsh, please.

If we could just have one more sample, we want to be absolutely sure of what we found.

Oh, okay.

No problem.

Give me give me one sec.

I'll, be right? Back.

Wait, wait things are different.

Now it'll be harder, but you can change you just have to demolish what's.

There and start over you're talking about tearing down the foundation of everything, I know, no I'm talking about using adjustable steel, Lolly columns to temporarily jack up the second floor.

So that the load-bearing wall can be replaced with a 4x6 LVL structural beam stranger.

Stranger, things stranger, things is the show I saw it too.

But wait is it stranger? Things just like that movie? Just like that movie it? You saw it too.

Yeah, I saw it in the theater I saw stranger things.

And it I don't think anyone's, imagining anything I think the president is here you kids get inside somewhere I have to warn the town Randy.

We need to talk sure, honey, there's been too much pain and suffering.

And it has to stop I know, sweetheart, I know what I'm trying to say is I've been very emotional lately and maybe maybe I do overreact.

Sometimes, oh, okay.


All set let's.

Do this? Ah, Mr.


We were hoping to do a more precise test it's better for harder cases like this.

But it is an anal swab.

This time, an anal swab give me three minutes, hey, where'd.

You go Mr, Marsh we're in a bit of a hurry.

If you don't mind, oh, can we try Tara? What are you doing Bob? Have you been putting food out for the president? No I was just uh, taking his finger sandwiches to the trash.

We all agreed, not to feed him.

So he'd go away.

We did not agree.

You all agreed.

Nobody asked the whites how they felt.

Nobody cares.

What the whites have to say, maybe I need to realize that my emotions can be hormonal and not just take things out on you.

Oh Randy.


Sorry, oh.

Thank you Sharon.

I, don't know what it's like to have periods, but I'll try to be more understanding from now on sorry, sorry.


Second, oh Mr.

Marsh, oh, hey.

How are you good? What are you up to chilling chilling all right? Daryl? We've certainly been through a lot and I know, you're anxious, are you ready to see your new home, I'm, ready? Well, Daryl.

What do you think this is [ __, ], amazing, you like the breakfast, nook, it's, all perfect, and where you used to have your gun case.

Look at what Sharon did, oh, my God it's.

My own zen garden.

Bob come on.

You have to know, it's not safe to have him here in 2003, Hillary Clinton admitted to taking funds for her foundation from foreign diplomats, what's that got to do with anything Bob.

Come on it's, [, __, ], true, Bob, if Canada finds out the president is hiding here.

They are going to Nuke us.

He needs to go.

Hillary wouldn't have been any better.

Give me the finger sandwiches.

What when oh my God? Yes, yes.




What is it there's been? Another school? Shooting Dan's been shot? Should we get down there the end of the world? Oh I, love.

You Sharon.

Well, uh, we did get your DNA results back this morning.

Would you like to go over them? Oh you did.

Oh great sure why not I'm here and let's, uh, let's do that all right? Mr, Marsh, here's, your DNA and me portfolio.

This shows that we actually found a mix of a few things in your Regional ancestry, really like Native American like like a little bit.

No we didn't find any trace of any Native American DNA in your test nuts.

I can't believe, this is [, __, ] real.

Well, it is real.

And now you've got the space in your home to entertain all your friends and family come on in guys Daryl was at first, but we came in 600 under budget.

Remember, no matter how bad the country gets.

You can always count on white people renovating houses, Randy Randy.

What they got him, they found the president found his Hideout.

There someone's gotta go flush them out, I'll, be ready to trap him.

I'll do it? Hey, hey, just remember he's been eating animals and living like a monster, just prepare yourself for what you're about to see.

But as you can see here, we found that you were about 43 northern European, 37 Mediterranean and 18 Southwest Asian.

In fact, your genetic profile most closely matches your standard Caucasian, British person.

Oh, thanks for coming.

Everyone, I know, you were all concerned as Sarah and I are about what's happening to our children.

I just can't believe the children in our town are dressing up in hero costumes and peeing in each other's mouths.

And who are these kids? Does anyone know they're wearing capes and forcing objects into their own rectal cavities? Why we were shocked to read that a young African-American boy is wearing Tupperware and defecating on girls while they sleep.

What if those kids are hanging out with our kids? And you might be interested to know that you are actually 2.8 Neanderthal, which is fairly High Neanderthal.

What the hell is that about well, the Neanderthals were actually a species that was wiped out by homo sapiens, wiped out all of my people.

Oh my God, what the principle and vice principal I told you we couldn't hide.

But, but you two work to get you two work together, hey, what the hell's going on they're together who's together? Yes, but you see because of some crossbreeding some people like you still possess Neanderthal, DNA isn't that interesting crossbreeding.

You mean, rape you're, telling me that my ancestors were raped and then eradicated by you.

You Maniacs, the Earth wasn't, big enough for neanderthals.

So your ancestors just got rid of them, huh? What the hell with all of you? Maybe we need to get our kids off of Facebook that'll never happen.

You know, what I say we do let's, invite Mark Zuckerberg to come and talk to us all about our concerns in this community.

Do you really think he'd come? Why not give it a try let's, invite Mark Zuckerberg here and see what he has to say, I'm, sure, he's a reasonable person.

Yeah, the principle of the vice principal.

They can't be together, their co-workers, whatever you mean, he's, actually her Superior.

And they were in there who would want to put their penis in a co-worker well, well, Mr March I'd like to have a word.


You find this funny, Goldman, what'd I.

Do nobody had the guts to tell me what happened to my people? Huh? Get the hell out of here.

I brought my parents over.

So you could meet them come on who invited Mark Zuckerberg to town in the first place we did.

We did huh what's that we invited Mark Zuckerberg to town, uh-huh that's, what I thought you all brought Mark Zuckerberg into your lives.

And now you want the police to shoot him, please, you don't understand he he's, such a penis.


Did you find anything? Sharon? I, uh, what is it? What did you find tell me tell me, oh, God.

Don't worry.

My parents are very okay and cool with us who the hell is that.

Yeah, sure everyone gang up on the Neanderthal isn't.

It funny Randy.

You must face, Who, You, Are, stop pretending Randy for once just allow yourself to feel you're.

Right? Oh, God.

What what you don't want to know you have to tell me I can take it? Did you find our son's arm? Did you find him turn apart? What guys why does Grandpa have to be in the nursing home? Can he live with us? Again? Stan grandpa has a lot of needs that we can't provide him here.

He needs professional supervision is that really it because I I just feel like we kind of threw Grandpa away and forgot about him.

Oh really.

Do you have any idea how much money we pay to have grandpa in that place? Your grandpa is styling.

Can you imagine being able to just sit around all day and not have to do anything but eat and watch TV.

Yeah, I'd probably go crazy and want to kill myself principal and vice principal are like gather you're, right? It's only now when everyone's being so indigenous to me that I realize how indigenous I've been acting all along I thought, being a victim would solve all my problems.

But being a victim has a downside too Mr.

Goldman I, haven't been honest, it's time for us.

All to be honest, Jesus stands it's, not like he's in jail.

Yeah, it's kind of like jail.

You should go visit him, I, can't, I'm, too busy busting my ass to pay the bills for that place and to pay for your guitar lessons, I don't have guitar lessons, I don't want to go there.

It's depressing, oh, you tricked me, Bob For, the Love of Pete.

Our country is about to go to war.

You want to know where there's a war there's, a war on Christmas.

Nobody cares about that, because guess who loves Christmas the whites, at least this man's, trying to save Christmas that's.

True he's, not saving Christmas, Bob he's running around scaring your kids and [ __ ] in the woods come on Bob what's best for your daughter.

I mean, really, what is a holiday the day off work? Yes, a day off school, but holidays are also meant to be a time to reflect today.

I'm happy to announce that the school calendar committee is reinstating the day off.

But instead of glorifying, anyone let us make it a holiday about the negative feelings that we all sometimes feel.

Well, it's really great seeing you Dad.

Guess, we ought to hit the road.

Soon you'll.

Finally, come to visit and leave after 10 minutes, oh Jesus.

Now we know where Stan gets his guilt trips from it seems somebody's been a little naughty.

Lately, oh, miss mcgillicart here.

How are you say what we're really thinking? So we can move on.

And so the second Monday of October will still be a holiday.

But instead of Columbus Day, it will be for ripping on each other and tearing each other down, and we will call it indigenous people's day for perhaps if we all do it at the same time, we won't be so indigenous the rest of the year.

And since this is the second Monday of October let's all embrace, the new meaning of the holidays starting right now is starting to amass almost smells brand new doesn't it like it was purchased right from the factory family that came to visit no doubt.

Yes, yeah.

We love coming here.

Ah, family.

Do you even know what indigenous means you freaking idiot? That's, the spirit Dave, come on.

Everybody let's just all be totally indigenous come on who the hell let this guy talk to the school council.

Good one, Kurt, your wife's, a [, __, ], come on.

Everyone indigenous people's day.

Let's, go for it, shut up and get off the podium.

Okay, I will in a second Fatso all right who else come on get it out of your system.

Happy indigenous people's day.

Everyone suck.

My [, __, ], I.

Remember when I was a little girl, my brother used to play Such tricks on me, try to fool me, try get out from his responsibilities I'm, giving you Hummels what's.

It matter where they come from doesn't matter to me, but it matters to them the big guys you see what they want is more people who are addicted to crochet pillows, got it nice to meet you.

Fine folks, we're.

Never visiting here again.

Foreign knock knock who's got them.

Oh yeah.

Boy, yeah, what's up.



How old is Randy Marsh? ›

He is 45 years old, and like Parker's father, is a geologist, making his first appearance in the series while monitoring a seismometer in the episode "Volcano".

What is Randy Marsh full name? ›

Randall "Randy" Marsh is a character on South Park. He is the father of Stan & Shelly and the husband of Sharon Marsh.

How old is Stan Marsh South Park? ›

Stan Marsh
Hair ColorBlack
Grade4th Grade
12 more rows

Who is the dad in South Park? ›

Randy Marsh
SonStan Marsh
DaughterShelly Marsh
Brother-in-lawJimbo Kern
Voiced byTrey Parker
9 more rows

How old is Kenny's dad? ›

Stuart McCormick
Hair ColorBrown
ReligionRoman Catholic
7 more rows

How old is ms cartman? ›

Liane Cartman
South Park character
BirthdayApril 12
9 more rows

What grade is Shelly Marsh in? ›

Shelley told Skyler in "Cat Orgy" that she was 12 years old and wasn't gonna have sex with him (... er, put out for him). This means that she's 13 now that everyone's gone up a grade - Shelley's in 8th grade.

Is Marvin Marsh Randy's dad? ›

Randy S. Marsh is the son of Marvin and Grandma Marsh, the husband of Sharon, and the father of Stan and Shelley. He makes his debut in the Season One episode "Volcano" and is voiced by Trey Parker.

What is Mr Mackey's first name? ›

His first name is unknown. He first appears in the Season One episode "Mr. Hankey, the Christmas Poo" and is voiced by Trey Parker.

What religion is Cartman? ›

In the film, which takes place 40 years after the events of the series, Cartman is depicted as having converted to Orthodox Judaism, becoming a rabbi with a wife and three children, much to the chagrin of Kyle.

Who is Cartman based on? ›

Cartman is partially both named after, and based on, Matt Karpman, a high school classmate of Parker who remains a friend of both Parker and Stone. Cartman is also inspired by All in the Family patriarch Archie Bunker, of whom Parker and Stone are fans.

Why is Butters called Butters? ›

The nickname "Butters" evolved from Parker and Stone calling Stough "little buddy" for about three years.

Who is Kenny's brother South Park? ›

Kevin McCormick is Kenny's oldest brother. He has made few appearances, one of which is in "Quintuplets" when he went with the boys to see the Romanian girls perform. He has band-aids all over his face and usually wears a red shirt.

Is Cartman fatherless? ›

In this two-parter, it was finally revealed that Cartman's real father was Jack Tenorman. Unfortunately, Cartman cut up and fed to his father to half-brother, Scott Tenorman in “Scott Tenorman Must Die”. Not only did he plot to have his father murdered, his arch nemesis turned out to be his half brother….

How old is Jimbo Marsh? ›

Jimbo Kern
Birthday:May 4 1970
5 more rows

How old is Kyle Broflovski dad? ›

Gerald Broflovski
Hair ColorBrown
8 more rows

How old is Kenny South Park? ›

Kenny McCormick
South Park character
BirthdayMarch 22
ReligionRoman Catholic
9 more rows

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