How Do I Get A National Crime Information Center Certification(NCIC) (2024)


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You’ve decided to get a national crime information center certification. It’s a big step in your career, and we must commend you for that.

Although getting a national crime information center certification is a time-consuming and difficult journey however an NCIC certification is definitely worth the effort.

Thousands of law enforcement officers have walked before you, gaining those extra letters after their names.

Those letters demonstrate their commitment to protecting lives and property as a career, their detailed knowledge of the job, and their prior experience in the public sector.

Nonetheless, read on and find out how to get a national crime information center certification below.

How Do I Get A National Crime Information Center Certification(NCIC)?

Law enforcement officers are given the responsibility of ensuring that the public is safe and arresting people who destroy government property and disturb the peace of society.

To effectively carry out this job, law enforcement officers need more information about the public.

This can come in form of background information, on someone who committed a crime, or a person in need of the services of the police.

To be able to do this job, law enforcement agencies streamline information of the public between various agencies through the national crime information center database.

All the information in this database is sensitive and is kept away from the public, so the public wouldn’t have access or permission to it.

In the United States, this means that people interested in working in law enforcement agencies must be ready to get a national crime information center certification.

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What Is National Crime Information Center Certification?

In the United States, you must have an NCIC certification if you want to have access to criminal databases.

To get this certification you need to learn how a database works, the importance of a database, and the privacy protection of a database.

However, technology has made thighs easy for law enforcement officers. In most cases, you don’t need to take the physical course because the NCIC certification course is now available online.

This involves law enforcement officers like police, coast guards, correctional officers, and border control who need to obtain information about the public from the system.

Nonetheless, you must write the NCIC certification test within 1 month to be given this certification.

Once you are done with the certification test process, your certification and license to access the system would be ready.

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How To Prepare For The NCIC Certification Test

Before you are awarded the national crime information center certificate you must learn how to safeguard sensitive information, proper usage of database systems, and how to handle passwords and other security protection.

All of this training is given by the federal bureau of investigation (FBI) during their online class.

The federal bureau of investigation provides a PDF that contains some prospective questions and answers to the NCIC certification test.

Candidates who are preparing for the national crime information center certification examination should study and practice this PDF before proceeding to take the NCIC exam.

What Are The Requirements To Take The NCIC Certification Test?

The crime database which is controlled, by the federal and state government is not controlled by the public.

Because of this factor candidates must meet certain criteria and requirements before they are allowed to take the national crime information center certification examination to become certified in their field.

All candidates must be above 17 years and must be a member, of any law enforcement agency with the right to aces to criminal justice information.

Many law enforcement agencies assist their officers in obtaining the NCIC certification.

However, ensure you talk to your sup[ervisor and commanders on the processes of obtaining the national crime information center certification. To get the proper view of the requirement that is distinct to your state of residence.

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Process Of Obtaining National Crime Information Center Certification Course

You need just a day and 8 hours to get this certification course. This training seeks to familiarize candidates, with the system function and operational method of the NCIC terminal.

It also includes data on restrictions processes and the importance of renewing the national crime information center certification every two years.

In addition, candidates would also be aware of the legal restriction and punishment involved in trying to access the crime database without proper certification.

After the course, you are expected to take a written examination that requires a minimum score of 72% to pass.

A practical performance examination is part of the test that law enforcement officers would go through

Note that you must identify with your law enforcement and intelligence department heads before the course and national crime information center certificate examination, are administered to you.

What Happens If You Fail the NCIC Certification Test?

Candidates need a minimum of 72% to pass the NCIC certificate test. The test can be taken offline and online.

All you need to do is to choose the best way that suits you. Although the FBI can choose to make this test strictly a paper test.

If you enrolled for the online test, you have an opportunity to retake the test if you did not reach the minimum required score for the national crime information center certification.

However, the candidate would be logged out of the test site if they fail the exam the second time.

Ensure you review the PDF document which was provided by the national crime information center If you are in this position.

The national crime information center certificate runs for a minimum of two years so officers must always renew their certification at the appropriate time.

You would not be able to access the federal crime database system If your certificate is no longer valid.

This factor can frustrate your job performance and safety, so law enforcement officers must continue to renew their national crime information center certification every two years.

Consequences Of Accessing The System Without National Crime Information Center Certification

Trying to gain access to the federal crime database without an NCIC license is a serious crime this can get you arrested by the FBI no matter how unimportant the access or use may be.

This crime is regarded as a felony under federal law and part of the process of your national crime information center certification is signing a statement of understanding regarding the consequences of security breaches toward the federal crime database.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Get An NCIC?

Call your local law enforcement agency like the police and sheriff department in your city and get more information.

Can Civilians Use NCIC?

The NCIC crime database cannot be accessed by the public

What Does NCIC Look For?

NCIC checks for criminal record history information, fugitives, stolen properties, and missing persons in the public.

What Is Purpose Code C Used For?

Code C is used for official duties in connection with the administration of criminal justice in the United States.

How Long Can The FBI Investigate A Person?

The FBI investigates for a minimum of five years

Can You See If The FBI Has A File On You?

You can investigate your FBI file under the Freedom of Information Act and the Privacy Act.

Is There A Height Requirement For The FBI?

Height is not a requirement to become an FBI agent in the united states.

How Many Images Can An Ncic File Record?

NCIC cannot file more than ten identifying images


Its no doubt that this guide has taken you through the reasons and requirements for planning your journey to passing your national crime information center certification.

Hopefully, this post has explained everything you needed to know to take your next step toward your NCIC certification.

You now have a complete roadmap to passing the national crime information center certification laid out for you.

Have you enrolled in the NCIC certification course? If yes, let us know in the comments.

How Do I Get A National Crime Information Center Certification(NCIC) (2024)
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