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the information I have provided in this video is not my own I have referenced it from a website called fromtheangels.com if you wish to read more about it there are 11 biblical Meanings for knocking on doors . I only just took a few out . as this was shown to me by my guides . hope you enjoy


Hi have you ever had a knock on the door with nobody there? What about dreaming of hearing a knock on the door and no one's there? What does it mean it? Doesn't mean, good luck, doesn't mean, bad book, doesn't mean, that spirit is trying to get access to an alive.

Some of these questions will be answered in this video.

You have to understand that knocks on the door can be a spiritual message from the spiritual Realm.

This is why you should always answer the door who went whenever you hear a knock if you discover that no one is at the door like I, have then close it and meditate on what it means in the spirit world.

There is no coincidences in the spirit world.

Everything that happens in the spiritual realm is deliberate.

Therefore, if a spiritual sign comes to you, please, take it seriously.

Several messages can be passed across through different means in this video I will be focused on hearing knocks on the door.


So it is a sign of spiritual communication.

This means that the universe is trying to communicate with us with you the physical knocking.

You are hearing is an example of the knocking in your soul.

The universe isn't is encouraging you to open your soul for access to the spiritual Realm.

It is a sign of conviction.

Whether you hear knocking and no one is there it's a spiritual sign of conviction.

This means that you are convinced about the decisions you are about to make.

It means that you are confident in your ability to make the right decisions about your life.

Now if this seems to be false about your personality, then take this sign as a caution warning or encouragement to build solid conviction and trust in yourself spiritually, hearing a knock on the door, brings awareness to your soul, which leads to spiritual sensitivity.

So if you hear two knocks on the door, it is to believe to be an indication that you will meet new friends.

Yippee three, knocks on the door is a sign of a spiritual presence.

Now in the spiritual world, the number three is associated with the spirits every odd number is associated with the presence of a spirit.

So therefore hearing three knocks on the door means that a spirit is trying to communicate with you or gain access into your life.

You will be able to decipher which spirit is it is by paying attention to the energy that's around.

You If You observe negative energy.

Then you need to protect yourself from nasty spirits.

However, if you receive positive energy of love and calmness, then it's a sign of an angel or the spirit of your lost loved one.

Therefore hearing three knocks on the door means that a spirit is trying to communicate with you.

And also good luck is coming your way isn't that great moving on.

If you hear four knocks on the door, it means that you have failed to pay attention to the spiritual science, which are surrounding you.

The four knocks are cool it's.

A demand for your for your attention spirits will knock on your door, four times if you have become spiritually insensitive to their promptings in your soul, because we all have a soul.

We all have life purpose.

Therefore, whenever you hear four knocks on your door, just begin to evaluate your life and the different signs, you have not paid attention to when you hear five knocks on the door.

It means that your past is calling out to you mostly this will happen to people who are not proud of their past due to mistakes.

And trust me we've all had plenty of those.

If you have have become obsessed with your past, then five, knocks RSI, and that your soul is weakened.

And your past is trying to resurface in your present life.

Now this can be avoided by learning to hear your past and letting go of what no longer serves you and using words of affirmations, because that also helps so pay attention to your thoughts.

Whenever you get the Knocks because in the spirit world, your thought your thought is the door to your soul.

Therefore, whenever you hear a physical, knock on the door and no one's, there it's a sign that several thoughts are trying to penetrate yourself, you know, they're trying to come in open your heart.

Because whenever you hear a slow knock on the door, it's, a sign that your heart is not open to receive.

Wow, therefore, whenever a sign of Disobedience and Rebellion shows up, there will be a slow knock on the door to remind you the presence of God and prompt you to open your heart to his voice.

So you need to listen.

Okay, obedience.

So a closed door in the spirit realm is a sign of disobedience who knew right, therefore, whenever you hear a slow knocking on your door, it means that you have failed to obey the instructions of your guides.

However, you can retrace your steps by following the direction of your Glides through prayer and meditation.

The knock on the door is to believe is believed to be a physical demonstration of spirits, knock on on your heart.

So on your heart, except people for who they are if a knot constantly comes on your front door.

And no one is there it's because you have refused to accept people for their different personalities.

So whenever you hear again, whenever you hear three knocks on the door, it's, it also means good Lucky's coming to sign that and that's coming into your life.

So therefore we expect good things to happen in your life.

For example, if you're expecting a promotion hearing three knocks on the door is an affirmation, but you'll get that promotion.

The one that you desire, you have a determined heart.

Whenever you hear a bang on the door, like a big bang, it's a sign of determination in the Bible in the Bible.

It is a sign of strong conviction.

This means that you have determination to to achieve a level of success.

Yay, it's a good sign that reveals your heart hearing a bang on the door.

Also encourages you to be determined.

If you are giving up in your dreams, take this as a sign, not to give up.


So don't give up on your dreams, um you're, expecting a change the knock on your the knock you here on your door is a sign that you're expecting change.

This change can be based on your relationship, finances or other aspects of your life enhances to your prayers.

If you've had if you have prayed over your desire, then hearing five, knocks on your door is a sign of answers to your prayers foreign is trying to get your attention.

Whenever you hear a knock on your door, it's, a sign that spirit is trying to get your attention.

Okay and going back to the Bible it.

This is a sign not to take for granted.

Whenever you're on the brink of an encounter God will send you the knock on the door to make you spiritually sensitive.


Now, whenever you hear two knocks on the door, going back to number two, um so on the your bedroom, door, it's, a sign that your love life is entering a new season.

If you hear two knocks on your office door, it's a sign of promotion.

Whenever you hear turn knocks on your front door, then prepare for an entirely new season and phase, which also friendships and this and the likes.

But these are only some of the knot it's on the door.

There is plenty more where this has come from so I, um, I, want you to head over to the website from theangels.com and look at and read? Um, what there is more because there's plenty more on there.

And that got sent to me and I was asked to show you so and share this with you because a lot of people, don't know, I have also experiences knocks on the door.

When there's nobody, no one there and I'm like, hmm, I wonder, what that actually means so it's a sign from my guys to share this with you and I hope you have enjoyed it.

If you have any questions, please comment below again, the web address is from the angels.com so it's from theangels.com, um and it's.

The first one that that comes up as I've Googled it, um so I.

Hope you've enjoyed and have a great day.

Thanks for watching.


What does it mean when you hear someone knocking on your door in a dream? ›

Knocking suggests something new is about to come into your life – the close connection with the door symbolizes new openings. Knocking in dreams represents something new is about to enter in our lives; the location, amount of knocks, and people around you become clues where it is pointing at.

What does it mean when you hear knocking in your sleep and it wakes you up? ›

Exploding head syndrome (EHS) is a type of sleep disorder in which you hear a loud noise or explosive crashing sound in your head. The sound isn't real or heard by anyone else. The episode typically happens suddenly either when you're beginning to fall asleep or when you wake up during the night.

Why do we knock 3 times? ›

People do not actually believe knocking three times on a piece of wood will really protect them, but it is a social habit and it is polite to do so to demonstrate that one doesn't want that bad thing one is talking about to actually happen.

What does a knock at the door mean? ›

The phrase "knock at the door" uses "knock" as a noun. A knock at the door is the sound that someone hears when another person hits a door with their knuckles. He knocked on the door and waited for someone to answer. You have to knock on the door because the doorbell is broken.

What does a knocking sound mean? ›

Buildup of Carbon Deposits

Commonly, engine knocking occurs because of a buildup of oily carbon deposits inside the combustion chamber. This can be caused by burning oil or incomplete combustion from misfires, which coats pistons, cylinder heads, and other parts of your engine with residue.

What to do if you hear knocking on your door at night? ›

To keep yourself and your home safe, here's what we suggest you do when a stranger comes knocking:
  1. Perform a lock check.
  2. See who it is (through peephole or camera)
  3. Speak with the person through the door.
  4. Call the police (if needed)

What does the Bible say about knocking? ›

Knock (and keep knocking) and the door will be opened for you. For everyone who asks (and keeps on asking) receives. He who seeks (and keeps on seeking) finds. To him who knocks (and keeps on knocking) the door will be opened.

What makes a knocking sound at night? ›

Knocking sounds during the night are probably coming from a large animal like a raccoon or opossum. High-pitched chirping in the house is likely coming from birds. Birds like to nest in the attic after making their way through soffits and attic vents.

What does 2 knocks mean in the Bible? ›

If you heard two knocks, God could be talking to you about being a faithful witness or being set apart from the world because that's what the number two signifies. I'd check out 222 scriptures.

How many seconds does it take to knock someone out? ›

Loss of Consciousness and Lethality

Only 11lbs of pressure placed on both carotid arteries for 10 seconds is necessary to cause unconsciousness. 4.4lbs of pressure placed on the jugular for 10 seconds is necessary to cause unconsciousness. 33lbs of pressure on the trachea is required to completely close it off.

Why do we knock before entering? ›

Why do we knock on the door before entering the room? That's a polite way to announce your arrival. You don't want to enter a house without announcing that you're there.

Why do people knock their head? ›

But in most cases, occasional head banging is a form of self-stimulation, self-comfort, or a way to release frustration. It's not a sign of another problem.

Is it rude to not answer the door when someone knocks? ›

As for strangers showing up at your door unannounced, you are absolutely under no obligation to answer. The only exception is if you live in a remote location and they need help. Even then, you might want to call a neighbour or 911 rather than fling open the door to potential thieves or post-apocalyptic zombies.

Who is knocking ____ my door? ›

As knocking the door is an activity, hence 'at' will be used.

What do the police say when they knock on your door? ›


Once a Feeney warrant is obtained, the police must announce their presence (i.e., by knocking or ringing the doorbell), identify themselves as police officers, and outline their purpose for attending at the residence (i.e. “we have a warrant”).

Is knocking good or bad? ›

Knocking can damage the surface of the piston, the cylinder walls or the crankshaft bearings, all of which are expensive to repair. Modern computer-controlled injection systems can correct your fuel mixture to prevent knocking, but at the cost of engine performance.

How do you get rid of knocking? ›

Knock knees usually gets better as children grow and their legs straighten. Most children do not need any treatment, but sometimes physiotherapy or treatment from a foot specialist (podiatrist) may be recommended.

How do I stop my knocking sound? ›

Increasing the fuel's octane level:

Engine knocking often occurs when the air-fuel mixture is incorrect. To counter this, you can add an octane booster in the mix. This can help ensure proper octane rating, which can then stop the knocking. The recommended minimum octane level in the US is 87.

Why do I hear banging in my house at night? ›

The knocking or banging noise you hear coming from your walls usually occurs when air pressure builds in your water pipes. This pressure builds up and causes your pipes to vibrate once the pressure is released (when your faucets are turned on or your toilet is flushed).

Why do strangers knock on my door? ›

Often burglars will knock on the door to case out your home and see if anyone is there. If you go to the door, they'll pretend to be offering a service such as lawn mowing or tree trimming. If no one comes to the door – they often break in and burglarize your house.

Why do I hear tapping in my walls at night? ›

If you're hearing a tapping sound in the wall at night, there's a good chance you have some new houseguests. Call the experts and inquire about removal services. Once animals enter, they make it their home too, and this unwanted invitation can turn into a growing problem.

What Christians knock on doors? ›

Everybody is familiar with the Jehovah's Witnesses' standard modus operandi. Two polite people knock at the door and try and engage a householder in conversation. The visit is often less than welcome and there are plenty of examples of comic sketches mocking the phenomenon.

What Scripture talks about hard knocks? ›

Proverbs 15:10-20 In-Context

10 It's a school of hard knocks for those who leave God's path, a dead-end street for those who hate God's rules.

How do we knock on God's door? ›

The best way to knock on God's door is through prayer. Say, “God please open every door that no man can shut and close every door that no man can open.”

What happens if you hear tapping at night? ›

If it's in the morning or evenings, squirrels and birds are the most likely culprits. Bats, raccoons, mice and rats are nocturnal, so you'll most likely hear these animals at night. If you can, go into your attic to see if you can find evidence of animal activity.

Why do I keep hearing tapping noises? ›

Allergies, high blood pressure, low blood pressure, diabetes, tumors, and head injuries can also cause tinnitus. If you have a foreign object in your ear or a build-up of ear wax, you may also experience tinnitus. In many cases, the cause of tinnitus can't be identified.

Why do I hear a thud in my house? ›

Look at the sliding doors (if there are any) and objects stored outside that might rock against the house such as a gas grill, loose siding or aluminum trim, a light fixture, an old aluminum awning, or a loose shutter. Also consider that what you're hearing may not be something loose but a corner that catches the wind.

What does the Bible say about knock and you will receive? ›

[7] Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you: [8] For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened.

Where in Bible does it say keep asking seeking knocking? ›

Matthew 7:7-11 (ESV)

8 For everyone who asks receives, and the one who seeks finds, and to the one who knocks it will be opened.

What does the one that knocks mean? ›

When she expresses her concern that, one day, somebody's going to come knocking on the White family door with the intent to harm him or his family, he blows a gasket, insisting that, "I am the one who knocks." In other words, if anyone's going to be knocking on doors and harming innocent families, it's going to be him.

What is the fastest way to make someone unconscious? ›

Strike the Neck

A sudden blow to the carotid artery on the side of the neck can cause a knockout, or even death due to a sudden drop in blood pressure in the brain. Furthermore, a strike on the wind pipe can have your opponent gasping for air, or even render them unconscious.

Where not to punch someone? ›

Base of throat (trachea) – The trachea is one of the most sensitive spots on the body and should be treated with real respect. Even a light punch to the trachea can collapse a larynx and cause someone to choke.

How does a knockout feel? ›

What does being knocked out feel like? The short answer is that it doesn't feel like anything. If you have ever been knocked out or just hit really hard then you know despite how painful it looks, the person receiving the hit won't feel anything and probably won't even remember the strike that knocked them out.

What to do if someone tries to open your front door? ›

  1. You need to report this to the police. You can get a camera which will record them there. If you know them get a restraining order on them.
  2. Start by pushing a sofa against the door. Police have told me to do this. Also, call a locksmith and get a deadbolt lock installed. ...
  3. Ask people if you can call them in an emergency.

Can I call the cops if someone keeps knocking on my door? ›

It's not against the law for somebody to call the police if you knock on their door. It's called being cautious. While it may waste time of the police, it's not against the law.

Should my parents knock before entering? ›

Yes, you should knock to respect your child's privacy. Children need privacy to develop a sense of self and independence. Teenagers will require more privacy to develop their own identities. Parents should respect their children's privacy by not snooping through their things when they're not around.

Why does hitting someone in the back of the head knock them out? ›

The heaviest part of the brain puts a lot of pressure on the brainstem, which can be twisted and pulled during the blow as the rest of the brain moves out of place. That twisting and pulling can cause brain circuits to break, or lose their insulation, or get kinked up, and that shuts off parts of the brain.

How do you know if your head knock is bad? ›

Signs of a serious head injury
  1. unconsciousness, either briefly or for a longer period of time.
  2. difficulty staying awake or still being sleepy several hours after the injury.
  3. clear fluid leaking from the nose or ears – this could be cerebrospinal fluid, which normally surrounds the brain.
  4. bleeding from one or both ears.

What does head knocking mean? ›

: to argue or disagree.

What is the fear of answering the door called? ›

The word Entamaphobia is derived from a combination of Greek words 'Eisodos and portos' for entrance or entryway and 'phobos' which is the Greek God of fear. In a way, Entamaphobia is very similar to Agoraphobia or the fear of open doors.

Am I required to answer the door? ›

You Only Need to Answer the Door for Police If They Have a Warrant. American citizens' right to privacy in their homes and on their properties is protected by the Fourth Amendment. This Amendment is intended to protect citizens' “persons, houses, papers, and effects” against unreasonable searches and seizures.

Should you always answer the door? ›

If it is a friend or neighbour it would be good manners to answer but you don't have to let them in if it is inconvenient. If you don't want to talk to the person ( a stranger for example) you can just ignore it. Someone knocks lightly on your door at 9:15 pm and you're not expecting anyone.

Is it OK to knock on someone's door? ›

No You may walk up & knock on any ones front door. Under Federal law. You may need help, or directions or what ever. They have the right not to answer the door.

What does it mean when you wake up to knocking? ›

Exploding head syndrome (EHS) is a type of sleep disorder in which you hear a loud noise or explosive crashing sound in your head. The sound isn't real or heard by anyone else. The episode typically happens suddenly either when you're beginning to fall asleep or when you wake up during the night.

What is a door knock called? ›

He shared that since seeing the name on the subtitles, he has since researched it and discovered that the knock does indeed have a name. “Apparently, the name of said knock is 'the shave and a haircut,'” he revealed.

What is a reasonable amount of time for knock and announce? ›

Once the officers have notified the occupants of their intentions, they must allow those inside a reasonable chance to act lawfully. from case to case. Many courts have permitted officers to enter after waiting more than five seconds. courts have found entry at five seconds or less to be unreasonable.

How do you know if the police are looking for you? ›

You are visited or contacted by the police – The most common way to tell if the police are investigating you is if they confront you personally. You may find police showing up at your home, place of work, or reaching out to you by phone to ask questions about a criminal case.

Why is the police knocking at my door at night? ›

The officer who knocks on your door is investigating criminal activity, or a suspicion of criminal activity or, perhaps, an anonymous tip. Knock and talk is a way to further this investigation without a warrant.

What does it mean when you dream about an intruder at your front door? ›

Having a dream of an intruder portrays an unintegrated part of you that is unacknowledged, yet seeks access into your 'house. ' Since the house represents your inner architecture, dreaming of an intruder can symbolize the need to accept and find compassion for a part of you that may be in hiding.

What does it mean when you dream about someone trying to break in the front door? ›

Dreaming Of Someone Trying To Break In Through The Front Door. It's possible that you see this dream when you're going through a different phase of life right now. This pattern is a portent that you will soon reach a point of fulfillment in your life.

Why is knocking on the door important? ›

Advantages of Knocking on Doors

Face-to-face interaction is more effective than a telephone conversation or direct mail. A study by the Harvard Business School revealed that a face-to-face message results in 13 times more brand recall than a message delivered through other marketing pieces.

What does it mean when you dream about hammering? ›

To dream of a hammer can portray how you are taking the initiative in some way to straighten out a situation or resolve it. The hammer shows a focus on power and cohesiveness - with the idea of 'hitting the nail on the head' or 'pounding out a solution.

What does it mean when you feel a presence while sleeping? ›

“Felt presence” is a phenomenon where you feel that someone or some entity is near you, sometimes accompanied by an actual hallucination of some form. The phenomenon occurs in sleep paralysis (see this blog post) but also in certain neurological conditions. It can even be induced in healthy people while they're awake.

What does it mean when you dream of a recurring intruder? ›

We sometimes dream of someone trying to break into our home. This is often an inner psychological figure who may represent some shameful or unwanted part of ourself who is breaking into our consciousness. It is about to break into our awareness and then we will have to confront this unwanted aspect of ourself.

What does it mean when you dream about intruders in your house? ›

A home invasion in your dreams typically symbolizes a feeling of not being safe or secure, or having a lack of control over your surroundings. It may also represent struggles with trust, fears around power dynamics, or unresolved issues from the past that need to be addressed.

What does doors mean in a dream? ›

Interpreting the meaning of Doors in your dreams

Seeing doors in your dreams relates to a period of transition or change – whether it is positive and full of opportunity, or representative of a more fearful, apprehensive time in your life.

What it means when you dream about someone's death? ›

Dreaming about someone's death can mean you are worried about them. But in dream interpretation, death can also mean a change or transition. You call out to your best friend, but there's no response.

What does it mean when you dream of someone in your house? ›

Dreaming of an intruder is a negative symbol that represents an infringement from both our inner and outer worlds. Since our house is often represented as the mind (psyche) of the dreamer, the intruder is often disguised as someone or something that is infringing on your personal boundaries.

What does hammering suggest? ›

hammering noun [S] (DEFEAT)

an occasion when someone is defeated completely: You should have seen the hammering I gave her in the second game. Both countries took a tremendous hammering in the war.

What is the meaning of hammering on something? ›

to hit something many times, making a lot of noise: They were woken up by someone hammering on the door.

What does hammer mean spiritually? ›

The hammer is essentially a masculine force, and when striking or crushing it represents justice and revenge. The hammer is not only a tool; it represents might. When paired with an anvil, represents ANDROGYNE, and with that often fertility and creation. The hammer is the thought while the anvil is the brain.

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