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From the beginning of his story, man has been using color to convey information to others, to report on something important, as well as to decorate his habitat. Color is a powerful tool: it can revitalize an outdated home interior, can change a person’s mood, and raise their vitality.

“Black is not a color, this is an illusion” F. Field F.


Vivid colors such as emerald green, dark blue, deep purple contribute to creating an atmosphere of comfort and harmony, and tranquility. Color is a relatively inexpensive and quick way to change and revitalize any space in a home. In this article, you will learn how, with the correct use of dark colors, your interior will be transformed, filled with intimacy, comfort, and even an increase in space and height.


Today in the industry of finishing materials and furniture there is a wide selection of colors for paints, ceramics, furniture, fabrics, and wallpapers. But how do you decide which shade or color is right for you most? When starting to fill your space with color, you need to take into account several considerations:

  • What is the purpose of this room?
  • What time of day are you most in this space?
  • How much natural light gets here?
  • What furniture is planned or already in this room?
  • How would you like to change this space (visually increase or decrease)?


When you collect the color scheme of your interior, remember the answers to these questions and very soon you will be able to find the most successful color solution that is right for you.

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Here are the pairs of colors that are most consonant, as well as the most vibrant. Each pair contains the entire color spectrum. Any pairs of primary colors (red and blue, blue and yellow, yellow and red) harmoniously and successfully combine

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Even in the world of color coordination, there is something called the Golden Ratio. When creating an interior design, consider the following rules for filling with color:

  • Base color: 70%
  • Optional color: 25%
  • Color Accents 5%


Black value:

  • Draws to itself, associated with curiosity
  • Challenges a person to try to free his essence
  • Always speaks of silence and calm means completion
  • It contains the promise that “everything will be fine”
  • Mysterious and impudent, bright and mystical
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As a rule, the ceiling is painted white, as it gives the impression of spaciousness and airiness, in contrast to the dark. However, when you have high ceilings and a small room, painting the ceiling in a dark color, and the walls in light your space will seem much lower and more spacious than its actual size


There is a misconception that black in the interior is depressing, but according to the law of contrast, it is black (and all dark colors) that enhances the brightness and effect of the color with which it is associated. Of course, it is very important to observe proportions and combinations. It is best to take as a basis not open black, but, for example, dark blue, violet, or deep green. The dark color serves as a great backdrop. He attracts the attention of objects that are in his zone. In the interior, dark colors can be used on walls, ceilings, and floors. Best of all, when it will be one thing. Although sometimes the combination of the dark wall + ceiling also gives their original effects

beautiful black wallpapers in children’s

Dark colors are especially suitable for the bedroom. They fill the interior with an atmosphere of luxury and “boudoir”, they act soothingly and have a rest. It is best to use warm deep colors (chocolate, burgundy, black currant color), as well as complement it with soft velvet fabrics, wood furniture, natural materials, paintings, and a mirror in a wide vintage frame. Also, do not forget that dark tones can absorb light. Ensure that the room is adequately lit. Position the light evenly, directing it toward darkened areas.

One more successful reception for a bedroom is highly contrasting monochrome wallpaper, with large expressive drawings. Select the wall on which you would like to emphasize something. For example, highlight the headboard, or plasma TV on the wall. You can complement this technique with a dark carpet or a dark bedding set.


Dark walls have taken root in many interior styles. For people who prefer classic styles in interior design (baroque, empire, neo-classic, etc.) shades of purple, cherry and burgundy are best suited. It will be more appropriate to use fabric or textile wallpaper with a rich floral pattern.

Those who prefer the modern style are more suitable for purple-blue and black colors of the walls. Here you can already play with the texture and geometry of the walls. It is worth noting that such country-style styles, “antique”, Provence, black color is almost always contraindicated, or is used in minimal doses and usually in decor and accessories


Do not be afraid to use the black color of the furniture in the interior. Even if your kitchenette seems very small, such a “heaviness” from the black can always be neutralized by the abundance of white and light everything that surrounds such furniture. Well-placed lighting will visually expand the space and emphasize your original idea.

More gloss, white surfaces, light fixtures, and pressure will not remain a hint. The abundance of glossy surfaces in combination with matte will turn your interior into a real masterpiece! Do not be afraid to experiment with textures and contrasting colors. In addition, black furniture is also practical, it is more difficult to get dirty, dust is less visible on it, and restoration of such furniture is almost always invisible.


A glossy black ceiling can become an original feature of your interior, it makes the room visually taller, and in tandem with light walls, it will also significantly expand the space. A good choice of color for the design of the bedroom, living room, and study will be dark green, dark blue, and dark brown. Do not be afraid to experiment with shades of these colors. Best of all, when in the general gamut of the interior there will be three primary colors (dominant and two supporting tones). Try to always stick to either warm or cold colors.

Remember the accessories. After all, they are also able to bring their charm and dilute the general mood of the room. The elements of copper and bronze look incredibly luxurious against a dark background. Any copper fittings on dark furniture will give such an interior richness, aesthetics, and gloss.


It has long been known that black and gold are a symbol of luxury and wealth. This feeling is achieved because yellow is the exact opposite of black. After all, it is warm and bright and is associated with sunlight. It is due to this combination that black, against the background of yellow, becomes less oppressive and gloomy.


As mentioned above, black light has a lot of abilities. It can both lower and raise the ceilings, and the use of dark colors on the walls can expand the space of a small bath or shower. If you are grooming a bathroom in an Art Deco or minimalism style, black tile in this case would be the best choice.

Ceramic tiles, glossy stretch ceilings, wall panels, or just dark accessories will help create a presentable look in your bathroom


A dark interior is always a subtle play of shades, always carefully thought out in terms of the balance of color spots and lighting. It makes the room more voluminous and saturated. The borders of a room painted black is always erased.

Listen to your inner feelings, experiment, do not be afraid of radical decisions, play with texture and lighting and your “black” interior will turn into an art object, attracting every visitor to this interior.

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Black House Interior: Destruction of Interior Color Myths • 333+ Images • [ArtFacade] (2024)
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