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Many of the homes we share here on the blog are large, some even grand. However, we have seen an uptick in the amount of design inquiries for smaller homes — and we’re excited about so many of them! Small house exteriors can be challenging to design (or redesign), but it’s certainly not impossible. Our designers are experts at working with smaller façades, smaller areas to incorporate outdoor living, and more. We’ve compiled a list below of some of our favorite small house exteriors. These designs should provide great inspiration to see the potential in your own small home!

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#1 // Simple & Modern

We brought some drama to the quaint home above with new James Hardie siding in Iron Gray; Benjamin Moore’s Black on the eaves, fascia, and soffits; and Marshmallow by Sherwin Williams on the stucco and trim. The front of the home is full of modern updates. A cedar wood portico shields owners and visitors from the elements and also adds visual interest to the home’s façade. The cable-and-wood railing ties in perfectly with the black elements of the home and the portico. We love the black roof shingles and glass-paneled front door; they create a moody contrast with the gray siding.

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#2 // Contemporary with Breeze Block

This small house exterior combines California cool and mid-century modern for an inviting home with a spacious outdoor living area. Cultured stone on the side of the home adds texture and brightens the gray color scheme. Our brick&batten designers used a fun breeze block retaining wall to contain the seating area, keeping it separate from the paver driveway while also providing some privacy. The wood elements on the porch ceiling and cladding warm up the space for an inviting feel, and a daring shade on the door (Wasabi by Benjamin Moore) feels fresh next to Benjamin Moore’s Coventry Gray on the stucco.

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#3 // Maximizing Space

Hosts will find that brick&batten understands how to maximize space while maintaining functionality and style. The home above had a simple concrete slab for a patio before our designers extended the space to include the fire-pit area. Entertaining is all about seating for guests. The extended area prevents guests from crowding on the concrete patio, giving everyone plenty of room to relax.

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#4 // Colorful and Bold

Who says small homes can’t have big energy? The example above shows a Mediterranean-style home painted in Freshwater by Sherwin Williams. The trim color is Snow White by Benjamin Moore, an off-white hue with soft blue undertones perfect for complementing the home’s central color. We love how the white highlights the beautiful roofline of this home! Minimal landscaping lets the house shine, and the black elements ground the color scheme.

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#5 // Traditional Rancher

Traditional doesn’t have to be boring, and updating a home doesn’t have to be complicated. The design above is a perfect example of both. Our designers used the ever-so-popular Alabaster by Sherwin Williams to transform the brick of this rancher along with Dorian Gray by Sherwin Williams on the trim. Removing porch railings opened up the entry, and the low-maintenance landscaping boosts the curb appeal. Black gutters contrast with the light color scheme, and the new stone-and-pavers walkway draws the eye to the updated wood door.


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#6 // Light & Airy Cottage

What better way to create a breezy color palette for a small house exterior than with White Dove and Palladian Blue by Benjamin Moore? Hardie shingles add texture to this home, and the addition of window boxes provides a pop of color against the creamy white paint. Warm copper light fixtures and gutters contrast perfectly with the warm undertones in Alabaster. We love the sandstone walkway leading to the stairs for a geometrical feature amongst the nature and lush landscaping.

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#7 // Outdoor Living Perfected

The home above was completely transformed by brick&batten designers. The large pergola provides shade and some shelter from the elements. Further it makes use of the empty space in front of the house. Functionality is everything! By utilizing this space our designers were able to create both an outdoor seating area and a covered entry in one. The included water feature makes for a tranquil environment, and a gorgeous walkway welcomes the owners home. Limestone along the bottom portion of the home adds texture and contrast against Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore on the stucco.

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#8 // Perfectly Limewashed

Limewash is timeless, whether it’s on a small house exterior or larger home. Our designer applied a limewash in a beautiful white finish to the brick of this traditional home. Allowing some of the brick to peek through ties the color in with the copper gutters and wood front doors. Andiron by Sherwin Williams is found on the trim and portico, thus creating a substantial look for the entry. Mountain Road by Sherwin Williams (brick&batten’s pick for top exterior paint color of 2023!) was applied on the Hardie shingle siding. Overall, this color scheme is earthy; however, the use of limewash and copper accents make it less of a tucked-away woodsy home and more of a classic suburban cottage.

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#9 // Compact Craftsman Bungalow

What’s not to love about a Craftsman-style home? In the design above, we kept the existing stone on the columns and the metal roof, instead focusing on updating other details, like the fence, windows, and cedar shingles. The beautiful color palette includes Evergreen Fog by Sherwin Williams (Sherwin Williams’ 2022 color of the year) on the siding with Seapearl by Benjamin Moore (brick&batten’s 2021 exterior paint color of the year) on the trim and columns. The gray cedar shingles complement the light gray in the stone-wrapped columns. The wood fencing and front door offer extra warmth. Finally, adding chunkier trim to the window continues the Craftsman style throughout the façade.

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A small house exterior does not mean small energy

Small houses pose design challenges that can seem overwhelming. Common requests range from increasing entertainment potential to maximizing space for a driveway or outdoor living to simple updates for more functionality. But small homes are not lost causes! With a little inspiration from the designs above, we hope you’ve found some motivation to transform your home to the one of your dreams.

Do you have a small house exterior in need of a refresh? Sometimes seeing the potential of a small home is difficult. Using virtual exterior design, our experts can show you just how beautiful — even impressive — your small home can be. It’s as easy as submitting photos and answering a few questions. Get started today!

Our designers only use and recommend products that we know, love, or would use on our own properties. When you buy through our links, we may earn a commission, at no cost to you.

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9 Small House Exteriors We Love | brick&batten (2024)
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