6x8 Firewood Shed Plans - Build Blueprint (2024)

The 6x8 Firewood Shed Plans include materials and cut list, 2D plans and elevations, 3D diagrams, dimensions, and assembly instructions. The following 2 cord firewood shed plan is designed to use less materials and intended for an easy and quick build.

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6×8 Firewood Shed Plans | 2 Cord Firewood Shed DIY

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Material and Cut List

(A) 2 – 1×4 Floor Joist: 8′-0″
(B) 5 – 4×4 Skid Foundation: 6′-0″
(C) 11 – 2×4 Floor Deck: 8′-0″

(D) 2 – 4×4 Lumber: 7′-8 1/2″
(E) 2 – 4×4 Lumber: 6′-3 3/8″

(F) 16 – 1×4 Lumber: 6′-0″
(F) 8 – 1×4 Lumber: 8′-1 1/2″

(G) 4 – 2×6 Rafter: 8′-1″
(H) 2 – 1×6 Lumber: 8′-3″
(I) 2 – 2×4 Lumber: 8′-1″
(J) 7 – 2×4 Purlin: 8′-9″
Corrugated Metal Roofing: 73SF

3 1/2″ Galvanized Steel Nails
2″ Deck Screws
2″ Galvanized Finishing Nails

Recommended woodworking tools for this project

6×8 Firewood Shed Plans & Instructions

Step 1 – Foundation and Support

At first, select an appropriate site for the firewood shed foundation, placing the backside of the firewood shed against a structure helps to increase protection from strong wind and rain.

Once you select a site, cut five 4×4 lumbers to 6′-0″ length, these will be used as the skid foundation. Then, cut two 1×6 lumbers to 8’-0″, for perimeter floor joists. Arrange the 4×4 skids 24″ O.C. as illustrated in the diagram below, drill pilot holes into the joists and secure with 3 1/2″ screws.

Next, cut two sets of 4×4 lumbers to 7′-8 1/2″ and 6′-3 3/8″ to be used as the primary studs. Then, position the 4×4 studs directly on top of the skid foundation, with the longer pieces in the front of the shed.

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The floor deck is made up of 11 2×4’s in 8′-0″ length, placed evenly across the foundation, with about 1 3/8″ gap in-between each lumber. Cut out 3 1/2″ x 3 1/2″ corners to fit into the 4×4 studs neatly. Then, drill pilot holes and secure in place with 3 1/2″ screws, directly attaching to the 4×4 skid below. Refer to the illustrations below for the exact dimensions:

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Step 2 – Rafters and Roofing

There are two primary rafters attached to the studs, which holds up the entire roof structure. These rafters are made up of four 2×6 lumbers cut to 8′-1″ length, secured to the 4×4 studs with 3 1/2″ screws. This will create a roof pitch of 3/12.

Then, attach two 8′-3″ 1×6’s to the front and back of the rafters, as illustrated below:

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Once the rafters are in place, we will start to assemble the roof purlins. First, cut two 2×4’s to 8′-1″ for the side purlins, these will help to create overhangs. Then, measure and cut out seven 2×4’s to 8′-9″ in length, space these out evenly at 16″ O.C. Secure to the side purlins and on top of the rafters with 3 1/2″ nails.

Tip: it’s easier to build the entire purlin structure on the ground and then raise in place on top of rafters.

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Next, cut and attach the corrugated metal roof panel on top of the purlins. Align the roof panel edges with the purlin perimeter edges to get a professional look, trim or sand away extra metals. You’ll need 73SF to cover the entire shed roof, these panels usually come in 3′ x 8 ‘ sized sheets.

Check out our recommended tools to cut metal

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Step 3 – Exterior Sidings

Finally, we will complete the 6×8 firewood shed by adding exterior side panels. You’ll need to cut 16 1×6’s to 6′, and eight 1×6’s to 8′-1 1/2″. Starting from the bottom, position the 1×6’s in place and secure with 2″ nails to the stud. Work your way up, leave approximately a 2″ gap between each panel.

Tip: you can use T1-11 plywood panels if you want to increase enclosure, it also takes less effort to install.

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Lastly, check to make sure all the pieces are properly secured in place before loading in the firewood. You can also install a tarp to the front side of the shed during winter seasons to block out snow and rain.

Well done! You’ve just completed building your very own 6×8 firewood shed!

The 6×8 firewood shed is large enough to hold 2 full cord of wood.

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2 Cord Firewood Shed Summary

In summary, a well designed firewood shed is guaranteed to keep your logs dry and organized. Also, these sheds usually take up a small amount of space in your backyard or campsite, and can add a cozy cabin look to your property. This 6×8 firewood storage shed can hold up to 2 full cord of logs, The Spruce has a great article on how cord sizes are measured and stored.

6x8 Firewood Shed Plans - Build Blueprint (2024)
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