30 Homemade Ice Cream Topping Recipes (2024)


by Kathleen Pope Updated: May 6, 2022

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Are you in for a treat! I’ve collected 29 tempting and delicious ice cream topping and sauce recipes; something for everyone. From the best chocolate hot fudge to rich caramel ice cream sauce, to summery fresh fruit compotes and toppings.

We love ice cream in this house; like my friend Tasia’s, Lemon White Chocolate Cookie Ice Cream, Circus Animal Ice Cream, my boys favorite; Homemade Chocolate Ice Cream or nothing plain about it…Old Fashioned Vanilla Bean Ice Cream.

There is a ice cream topping recipe for everyone! Whether you are hosting an ice cream social, an ice cream sundae party or just an evening indulgence (ahem, that would be my family); have I got a sauce for you.

30 Homemade Ice Cream Topping Recipes (2)


These ice cream toppings have been carefully curated; from easy ice cream sauces that whip up in minutes; hard “Magic” shell toppings to gourmet ice cream toppings, that take a little more planning. These popular homemade topping recipes are going to make you smile. Who doesn’t smile when they see an ice cream sundae bar!

So sit back, make sure you have plenty of ink in your printer and enjoy this irresistible collection of tempting and gourmet ice cream topping recipes!

Unique ways to use Ice Cream Toppings

I might be stating the obvious here, but there are more ways to use topping besides on a scoop of ice cream! Enjoy these delectable recipes!

  • Fried Ice Cream Cake | delicious with caramel, hot fudge, strawberry, marshmallow, butterscotch…or this amazing Fried Ice Cream Air Fryer.
  • Mile High Mud Pie | our favorite is using ganache, hot fudge, salted caramel
  • Half Baked Cookies | Drizzle on your favorite!
  • Chocolate Lava Cakes | can you really have too much gooeyness?
  • Kentucky Butter Cake | dreamy with a swirl of salted caramel sauce
  • Apple Crisp | any kind of buttery caramel sauce

Be creative, let me know how you use these amazing sauces! No longer 29 sauces, but 31 now and adding more ice cream sauce recipes every year!

29 Tempting Ice Cream Toppings and Sauces


30 Homemade Ice Cream Topping Recipes (3)

Blueberry Simple Syrup

An easy recipe for how to make all-natural cane sugar blueberry simple syrup, great to use in drinks, co*cktails, on yogurt, ice cream, sorbet and more!


30 Homemade Ice Cream Topping Recipes (4)

An absolute must in my world, I made my husband hunt all over the Banff and Lake Louise region, in November mind you, for a fabulous hot fudge sundae on our honeymoon. It's only one of my all time favorite desserts; but the fudge can't be a sauce, it has to be chewy and fudgy, try my simple rich and chewy hot fudge!


30 Homemade Ice Cream Topping Recipes (5)

Coffee Salted Caramel Sauce

Photo Credit:www.countrycleaver.com

Add a little twist to your favorite salted caramel sauce with coffee! This coffee salted caramel sauce infuses those wonderful coffee flavors with sweet and slightly salty caramel that will have you eating it out of the jar with a spoon! Trust me, I did.


30 Homemade Ice Cream Topping Recipes (6)

Homemade Marshmallow Sauce - House of Nash Eats

Photo Credit:houseofnasheats.com

I dunno about you, but while I don't necessarily love marshmallows I adore a sticky, sweet marshmallow sauce on my ice cream!!


30 Homemade Ice Cream Topping Recipes (7)

Secret Chocolate Sauce

Photo Credit:julieblanner.com

This delicious chocolate sauce recipe is made from just two ingredients and takes minutes to make. It’s the perfect topping for ice cream, and quite honestly, I can eat it by the spoonful! Get the secret to make the best chocolate sauce recipe you’ve ever tried!


30 Homemade Ice Cream Topping Recipes (8)

Fresh Strawberry Syrup

Today I am showing you how to make Strawberry Syrup using fresh strawberries, fresh lime juice, pure cane sugar and a touch of water. This no-cook strawberry syrup is perfect to brighten and bring a bit of sunshine to co*cktails, mocktails, ice cream and more!


Gingerbread Caramel Sauce

Photo Credit:tarateaspoon.com

Gingerbread caramel sauce tastes like all the wonderful spices of the holidays in molten sugar heaven. Use this as a dessert sauce, for ice cream or just as a dip for apples or cookies.


30 Homemade Ice Cream Topping Recipes (10)

Outrageously Delicious Hot Peanut Butter Caramel Ice Cream Topping Recipe

Photo Credit:tikkido.com

An over the top Peanut Butter Caramel sauce to send you into ice cream sundae heaven!


30 Homemade Ice Cream Topping Recipes (11)

Bailey's Hot Fudge Sauce

Photo Credit:www.cakenknife.com

This hot fudge sauce is even more sinful with dark chocolate and Bailey’s Irish Cream. The best way to describe it is a glorious combination of chocolate and booze, which will have you swooning. GAH it’s sooooooo good!


30 Homemade Ice Cream Topping Recipes (12)

Bourbon Blueberry Sauce for a Simply Decadent Gelato Topping

Photo Credit:www.suburbia-unwrapped.com

A rich, summery, chock-full-of-flavor ice cream sauce!


30 Homemade Ice Cream Topping Recipes (13)

Peanut Butter Ice Cream Topping

Photo Credit:houseofnasheats.com

Peanut Butter toppings are always a winner in our house and this one is no different!


30 Homemade Ice Cream Topping Recipes (14)

Roasted Raspberry Sauce

Photo Credit:lifecurrentsblog.com

Roasting your fruit, ever tried it? Well it might just knock your socks off, try this incredible roasted raspberry sauce, thick, rich with WOW raspberry flavor!


30 Homemade Ice Cream Topping Recipes (15)

Easy Strawberry Sauce

Photo Credit:itsnotcomplicatedrecipes.com

Fresh strawberries and homemade vanilla ice cream, dreamy!!


30 Homemade Ice Cream Topping Recipes (16)

Homemade Chocolate Shell

Photo Credit:www.drugstoredivas.net

DIY your own magic shell -- easier than you think!


30 Homemade Ice Cream Topping Recipes (17)

How to Make a Cherry Sauce for Ice Cream

Photo Credit:confessionsofanover-workedmom.com

Deliciously simple cherry sauce!

30 Homemade Ice Cream Topping Recipes (18)

Peanut Butter Magic Shell

Photo Credit:www.cookingwithcarlee.com

Peanut butter magic shell is creamy as it goes on, hardening to a delicious crunchy soft shell!


30 Homemade Ice Cream Topping Recipes (19)

Roasted Strawberries

Photo Credit:syrupandbiscuits.com

If you haven't roasted strawberries you have no idea what you are missing! Rich, amazing flavor, perfect for topping ice cream!


30 Homemade Ice Cream Topping Recipes (20)

Easy Chocolate Ganache

A thick, fudgy, chocolatey and creamy mixture that is amazing over ice cream, but also delicious on cakes, filling cupcakes and much more!


30 Homemade Ice Cream Topping Recipes (21)

Buttery Maple Peach Topping (Sauce)

Photo Credit:www.christinascucina.com

Soo delicious on ice cream!


30 Homemade Ice Cream Topping Recipes (22)

Easy Cherry Compote

Photo Credit:www.thebittersideofsweet.com

A fresh and delicious use of cherries on your ice cream! Move over Cherry Garcia!


30 Homemade Ice Cream Topping Recipes (23)

Butter Pecan Sauce

Photo Credit:www.thebittersideofsweet.com

The ideal sauce in my book! Perfect with all flavors of ice cream, this rich, buttery sauce with hunks of crunchy, nutty pecans!


30 Homemade Ice Cream Topping Recipes (24)

Raspberry Sauce

Photo Credit:saltandbaker.com

Not only is this sauce vibrant, fresh and amazing, it tastes so delicious on ice cream, sorbet and sherbet!


30 Homemade Ice Cream Topping Recipes (25)

Butterscotch Sauce

Photo Credit:www.simplystacie.net

Be still my butterscotch loving heart! I adore butterscotch toppings and this one takes the cake, or the sundae at least!


30 Homemade Ice Cream Topping Recipes (26)

Simple Peach Syrup Recipe

Photo Credit:4sonrus.com

Keep the flavor of summer going by making this deliciously, simple peach syrup!


30 Homemade Ice Cream Topping Recipes (27)

Apple Cinnamon Topping – Weight Watchers Friendly

Photo Credit:foodmeanderings.com

A lighter, waistline friendly deliciously crunch topping. Like eating an apple crisp in sundae form!


30 Homemade Ice Cream Topping Recipes (28)

Rhubarb Orange Compote

Photo Credit:www.justalittlebitofbacon.com

Sweetness of oranges, paired with the tartness of rhubarb, a match made in heaven!


30 Homemade Ice Cream Topping Recipes (29)

Stewed Rhubarb (3 Ingredients Recipe)

Photo Credit:www.abakingjourney.com

Sweet-tart rhubarb in compote form, so yummy on vanilla or strawberry ice cream or even on lemon sorbet!


30 Homemade Ice Cream Topping Recipes (30)

Fresh Cherry Dessert Sauce

Photo Credit:theviewfromgreatisland.com

Using summer fresh and ripe cherries, make this vibrant and delicious sauce -- it will scream summertime to you!


30 Homemade Ice Cream Topping Recipes (31)

Homemade Blueberry Sauce

Photo Credit:www.thefoodhussy.com

What's not to love about a homemade blueberry sauce, scrumptious on ice cream, but try on waffles and pancakes too!


30 Homemade Ice Cream Topping Recipes (32)

Crème Anglaise

Not your ordinary ice cream sauce, but this custard based sauce would be incredible over any pie ala mode!


30 Homemade Ice Cream Topping Recipes (33)

Vanilla Bourbon Caramel Sauce

This Vanilla Bourbon Caramel sauce is rich and creamy, a little bit salty with a hint of bourbon, this is the one! Amazing on ice cream, pies, coffees, any dessert you need a little drizzle.

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30 Homemade Ice Cream Topping Recipes (34)

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