MTIS Rhizome Reward

Members of the Middle Tennessee Iris Society now have even more reason to attend meetings and participate in other club activities. Beginning in 2002 MTIS members have the opportunity to earn newer introduction rhizomes, up to seven per year. This is how the rewards program works.

When a MTIS member attends a meeting, they sign in on the attendance sheet and earn a rhizome. If a member works in the garden and signs the sheet in the shed they earn a rhizome. Participating during the spring show and rhizome sale will earn you rhizomes too, sign in sheets will be available during those activities. Members can earn up to a maximum of seven rhizomes per year.

Janice will keep track of each member's total rhizome earnings and Eleanor will be responsible for ordering the rhizomes. At the MTIS picnic the rhizomes will be distributed in the following manner. Bags will be made up containing seven rhizomes and the bags will be numbered. Members will draw numbers to determine what bag they get. If there are members who have earned less than seven rhizomes, bags will be made up consisting of the appropriate quantity of rhizomes. Those members will draw numbers and pick from the bags that have the correct quantity.

Any member who would rather donate their "earned" rhizomes back to the club to be planted or auctioned during the picnic may do so.

So besides the food and good times we have at our meetings member, have even more reason to participate in MTIS activities.