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Tall Bearded Iris Pictorial Reference

I have shown the book to many iris growers/collectors and these are some of the reasons they would purchase it:

  • For reference
  • Use at rhizomes sales
  • So they can discard their stockpile of catalogs
  • Fundraising for local iris societies
  • Broaden knowledge of tall bearded irises
  • Just a beautiful book
  • Future purchases

Or for sitting in the swing and just leafing through it (my favorite).

Still not convinced? Here is one page in PDF format for you to view. If that doesn't convince you then my money back guarantee should help, if you purchase the book and don't like it you can simply return the book(in the condition you received it) for a refund.

I wrote the book because I am a visual person I need to see an iris. Going to rhizome sales and reading the description "yellow/white iris" really didn't quite fill in all the blanks for me. Or getting a catalog from a smaller grower that had really good descriptions but when the iris bloomed the following spring it never quite looked like how I had visualized the color of the standards, falls, beard and or other markings.   Buying from a catalog that had pictures didn't work either. You drool, then order, and in the spring standing there with the catalog in hand your iris bloom still just doesn't quite look like the catalog picture. You know it's the right iris because it has a name plate/sign standing right beside it. Does this sound familiar?

In the past I have relied heavily on the AIS registry books to help me ensure my tall bearded irises are accurately named but again a picture is worth a thousand words and much more reliable.  I know that the 700+ irises pictured in this book do not come close to representing the thousands of tall bearded irises that have been registered during the last 80 years, but if the Tall Bearded Iris Pictorial Reference book sells at least 2,000 copies I plan to continue publishing updated editons with thousands of pictures rather than hundreds. The tall bearded iris needs to be as documented in book format as roses or daylillies and to date no one has ever attempted to accept the challenge, until now.

If you buy a copy of the book I would appreciate your comments and suggestions.   This is an iris community project and I want your input. My email address is

Enough said,