Our farm is small with only 15 acres but we take pride in the iris we grow and the variety we offer. Go to bottom of page for iris photos.

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2013 Ordering Information.
Here is the price list for 2013. It's a basic price list, every iris is $5.00 if we have enough of that iris to sell. If you want to place an order by mail you can print this order form, complete the form and mail it back with a deposit. If you want us to mail your order to you, please email janice@tnstateirisgarden.com for more specific information. We charge $6.00 for shipping up to 5 rhizomes and .40 cents for each additional rhizome over 5. 

Viewing Iris Photos

Here is a new way to view pictures of the irises we have. Remember some irises you see are not for sale and there are lots of irises that we do have for sale but are not shown in the picture show.

Internet Explorer 5.50 (or higher) and Netscape 7.0 (or higher) do not need a plug in to open this so hopefully you will not have to install anything to view this. Anytime you want to stop viewing, hit the BACK arrow on your browser and it will take you back to the web page that referred you.